The Three Bears

January 14, 2010 at 9:02 pm | Posted in Bun | 4 Comments

My husband and I agreed from the start that we wanted three kids. Kind of, sort of. He definitely wanted three; I was definitely open to the idea. “Let’s see how I’m doing after actually growing and birthing one kid,” I said. Somehow, I did it. Twice. And, now, once more unto the breach I go. Bun is in the oven.

A Piece of Peace
I got to hear his heartbeat today at the doctor’s office. Not the first time. We’re well on our way, Bun and me, so I’ve seen his lovely profile on two ultrasounds already. Heard his little heart before. Still, there is no sensation quite like the one that comes over me when that “shwuh, shwuh, shwuh” sound fills the room. It’s soothing and rhythmic. It’s peace, relief, excitement, joy all in one. Everything, for a few seconds, is perfect.

As with every pregnancy, every baby, Bun is a little different. He likes Root Beer and pretzels and lettuce. (And M&Ms, but maybe, OK probably, that’s just me.) He doesn’t so much kick or stretch as he rolls around doing slow somersaults or maybe triple back-handsprings. He roots SEC. My kind of kid.

Call Me Goldilocks
We had nicknames for both Lollipop and Giggles in utero, before we decided on their actual names. But, in typical third-child fashion, Bun doesn’t really have a nickname. (I mean, well, if you don’t count “Bun.”) When I’ve exceeded my daily Rolaid allotment, or when I try — and fail — to reach my toes so I can dry them off after a shower, I call him the “Third Turd.” I blame the hormones.

My husband came up with the best nickname, though. The Third Bear. Because with Bun’s arrival, our little family will be complete. Our three bears. Just right.



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  1. third turd! I love it…how brave of you to admit it. I remember being a little less starry about kid #2. It’s a little more uncomfortable each time, so the name fits. Can’t wait to hear this little man’s name and see his cute face.

  2. Congratulations on Baby #3. Nickname or not I know that he will be just as loved as the first two. He is lucky to be joining such a sweet and beautiful family!

  3. Speaking of your post about books, have you read the book “You’re All My Favorites” ? It’s about three baby bears and how they are worried about being loved less than their siblings. Mom and Dad bear reassure them that they are all favorites.

    • I don’t know this one, but I can see it’s a book I’m definitely going to need to acquire! Thanks for the rec.

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