Building Castles

January 17, 2010 at 7:11 pm | Posted in Lollipop | 1 Comment

I have learned a lot from my children. Puddles, for example, are worth a splash no matter how soggy you get. Dinner always tastes better when there’s a dessert waiting. Ants bite, but they still deserve some love.

Construction Zone
For illuminations like these (and the way they reshape my own outlook), I love to watch my children watch the world. Especially Lollipop, who lives in a perpetual state of discovery. She constantly interprets new data, files it into a category, determines which rules apply. It’s as if she’s building a mental castle, adding block after block of information till it all falls down. Then she regroups, rethinks, rebuilds.

Have You Hugged an Ant Today?
I want desperately for her to keep that sense of creativity, determination, and just plain wonder. But she will inevitably become more used to the world and the way it works, as we all do. What was once amazing and wonderful will be ordinary, routine. Ants won’t need love anymore.

Until then, I want to capture the set of rules she has constructed, the blocks that make up her castle. These are some of my favorites:

1. Anything from the mailbox is a treasure. If it’s addressed to you, bonus.
2. Coffee, soda, and beer are for Mommy and Daddy. But it never hurts to ask.
3. If it’s broken, try tape. If that doesn’t work, ask Daddy. He probably has a tool.
4. Imperfectly shaped Cheerios must not be eaten. Only discarded. Or fed to the dog.
5. Wedding dresses can be any color. Lollipop’s will be red.
6. The best swing at the playground is the one that’s taken. (Related theorem: If the slide looks hot, send your brother down first.)
7. It is, in almost every case, better to be cold than wear a jacket.
8. If your prince is at work, you can still go to the ball and have fun.
9. Little brothers want to be like you. This can be advantageous.
10. There are never enough hours for all the outfits you want to wear.
11. The more toothpaste, the better. The more ketchup, the better. The more stickers, the better.
12. You don’t need music to dance if the tune is in your head.


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  1. Rule #8 is my favorite. Who says we need a prince to have fun?

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