Yellow Cars

January 20, 2010 at 4:20 pm | Posted in Lollipop | 2 Comments

Say you have a kid. And your kid has a birthday. And you have a party for all your kid’s friends. Then you already know what the hardest part of the whole affair is — the favor. You want something kids will actually use. Something the other parents won’t curse you for sending home. That leaves plastic stuff and sugar for only the brave. I am not brave.

But I am creative. Occasionally. For Lollipop’s most recent fete, we invited a local guitarist and his singing/balloon-animal-making/bubble-wand-waving wife to perform. For the favor, I kept with the music theme and made a mix CD. Lollipop’s first mix tape! (I almost had to put some Bon Jovi on there, just for old time’s sake. But I resisted.) Instead, I found this great web site for downloading free kid’s music.

Cowpies and More
All the artists were new to me, so I listened to a lot of stuff before I picked my favorites. Songs about spiders. Songs about knees. Songs about spiders on knees. Songs about bubbles, poop, manners, bananas, cowpies in driveways (I guess this is technically another song about poop … kiddie musicians do know their audience).

I ended up picking 13 songs. (Yes, that includes the cowpie song.* I couldn’t resist.) But one song dominates in our car. Nine days out of ten, a request for this song is the first thing out of Lollipop’s mouth. (The 10th day, she requests that her brother not touch her. Or her car seat. Or the air she breathes. Or her general space. Just to mix things up.)

This is the Song That Never Ends …
Even better than riling up Giggles is The “Yellow Car” song.** It’s peppy, not overly annoying like some you hear (I bet you know the ones; in fact, I bet they’re stuck in your head right now). It even includes a line about mommies wishing someone else would do the dishes. Hey, something for everyone.

What I like best about this song is hearing Lollipop’s little voice echoing in the backseat as she sings/hums/yells along. I like hearing her request it when she sees a yellow (or blue or red or green) car driving by. I like hearing her say, as she did the other day, that she wants “the ‘Yellow Car’ song on super-loud for 10 whole minutes.” I like hearing her sing it in her room to her stuffed bunny collection as she tries (or tries not) to nap.

My Baby ... Before Babies

My Secret Love Affair
Secretly, I love that the song is about yellow cars. Yellow. My favorite color. Yellow. The color of my car before I traded it for one that fit car seats, 100-pound dogs, and thousands of lost Cheerios. Yellow. The only color that would possibly make me welcome a minivan with open arms.

Secretly, I hope that — along with my chocoholic gene and my glue-gun-genius gene — I’ve passed along to my children the yellow-is-the-best gene. Yellow is the best. I mean, the “Yellow Car” song even says so.

* “Cow Parked In My Driveway” by James Hersch
** “Yellow Car” by Didi Pop



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  1. I am loving your posts! Very cool.

    We like Gustafer Yellowgold over here for Children’s music. Very weird and cool. I had something else I wanted to say but my daughter has been distracting me for the past 10 minutes and it has taken me this long to write just this short piece.

  2. A yellow mini van, really? I hope you think twice about that one 🙂

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