Haiku Friday

January 22, 2010 at 8:22 pm | Posted in Haiku Friday | 2 Comments

Haiku Friday

Food, to a Toddler
Strange textures, flavors.
Peas: green grossness. Toss on floor.
Graham crackers, manna.

Sweetness like candy.
Bananas are, by far, best.
Raisins indeed count.

Tomatoes, you stink.
Eat carrots. Like bunnies do.
French fries. Oh, heck, yes.

PBJ. No crusts.
Poptarts. Much to Mom’s chagrin.
Mac and cheese. More please.

Two gallons a week.
Oh, sweet liquid from the gods.
From cow = cool.

Love cookies, ice cream.
Licorice, too, like Daddy.
Lollipops top list.



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  1. I can just see the offending items being ignored or moved to the side of the plate. 8}

  2. LOVE love love the Haiku! Every word is so true for us too!

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