Star Wars … Toddler-Style

January 27, 2010 at 7:58 pm | Posted in Giggles, Lollipop | 4 Comments

Move over, Cinderella. There’s a new princess in town. She’s not demure. She sure as heck isn’t going to dance at a stupid ball. And she’ll fight those storm troopers if she wants to.

Yep, Leia’s arrived on the scene. Hair buns and all.

In a Galaxy Not So Far Away
Recently, my husband’s around-the-house wear has involved his Star Wars T-shirt collection. (Probably, I don’t need to preface this by admitting we’re a sci-fi loving family. Probably, you figured it out.) As her newest bedtime-stalling tactic, Lollipop asks Daddy about all the strange-looking creatures on his shirt.

There’s Yoda, of course. Interesting because he’s green. And because he sort of looks like a rabbit. There’s Darth Vader. The mask is scary. Let’s move on. There’s C-3PO and R2-D2. One is shiny, the other lights up. This passes the toddler-cool test. There’s even Boba Fett. (Oh, yes, even this bit player is discussion-worthy. In my defense, I did have to Google him to make sure I had the spelling correct.)

The Force is Strong in This One …
We had kept Star Wars discussions solely to Daddy’s shirts until one infamous evening. Lollipop didn’t want to get on with the teeth-brushing. So she asked about Yoda. Again. And Daddy slipped. He mentioned the movies. Lollipop’s eyes lit up. Star Wars movies? Holy Chewbacca, a whole new way to stall the bedtime routine!

Enter Ewoks. We really don’t want her to see the movies. She’s too young. They’re too scary. But, Ewoks, they’re cute. Like teddy bears. Maybe just a scene or two.

Lollipops and Cannibalism
So, every night after dinner this week, Lollipop has settled in on the couch with her dessert of choice — a lollipop (what else??) — to watch the Ewoks. The cute little teddy bears tie up Luke and Han Solo. Carry them through the forest against their will. Try to roast them alive. So darn cute.

Luckily, Lollipop doesn’t really get that part. Instead, these are her observations: (1) C-3PO’s chair (for the uninitiated, this is the throne the Ewoks give him) must have a magic carpet on it. It flies, after all. (2) Leia is a neat princess. Her white dress isn’t dirty at all. (3) And — my favorite — the Ewoks speak the same language as Giggles.

You Can’t Wear Glass Slippers Here
I’ll be honest. I like Lollipop’s current Star Wars obsession. I like that the characters have to use their smarts to get out of jams. No fairy godmothers (OK, unless you count Obi-Wan). I like that Leia is a different kind of princess. A strong, smart, independent one. Who, good heavens, wears pants sometimes.

And, I like that it means I don’t have to read “Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after in the castle.” For the 986th time. I’m enjoying the obsession so much, I might even start wearing my own Star Wars shirt. If my husband will share.



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  1. We’re a sci-fi household, too. Although we haven’t begun the crucial “what are ewoks?” conversation with our daughter yet. I agree that Star Wars presents a good, strong female hero. We can skip the ear buns, though.

  2. We just found out we are having a boy. He will be geek extraordinaire–no escaping it with these genes–and I have no doubt that he will be fascinated with Star Wars too. But when we thought we might have a girl and my dear mother-in-law was pushing princesses and Disney and saying every girl wants to be a princess, and I was gagging on images of nonstop pink ruffles and tiaras, I took comfort in Leia, the princess I wanted to be as a kid, who got to run around an take part in the action and tell armies what to do and heck, even stood up to Darth Vader. Without a light saber even!

    Love the flying carpet explanation! Sounds like you have a creative little Lollipop on your hands!

  3. Adam has a Starfleet Academy sweatshirt. I, on the other hand, have never seen a Star Wars movie from start to finish. Adam is very shocked by this as are many others. One day…

  4. Cute! I’d love it if my boy got interested in Star Wars (just to get to watch something different), but alas, not *enough* dinos there. Oh well. As I type this, he’s watching YouTube dino videos with his daddy. (Shakes head.) =)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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