I Stick, You Stick

January 28, 2010 at 3:10 pm | Posted in Giggles, Lollipop | 4 Comments

I haven’t been a parent all that long. In the grand scheme, I mean. But without much thought, I can rattle off three or four things that captivate my kiddos like nobody’s business. Elmo, for one. (I hear his voice in my dreams.)  M&Ms. The dishwasher.

These things are like kiddie crack. Eyes glaze. The rest of the world gets fuzzy. Lollipop and Giggles just can’t get enough.

The current drug of choice is stickers. All colors, all shapes. Some with googly eyes. Hello Kitty and Lightning McQueen. Stuck together. On the same piece of construction paper. If you can believe it.

The Art of the Ask
It starts innocently enough. “Mommy, can we color?” So I set out the crayons. Pass out the paper.

“Mommy, can we paint?” So I set out the bowls of water. Mediate the inevitable dispute between who gets the red paintbrush and who gets the yellow one.

“Mommy, we need stickers.” Notice we’re not asking now. We need stickers. Crack, I tell you.

So I get out the stickers. Just a few sheets, everything in moderation. Pretty soon, there are stickers on the paper. Stickers in the paint. Stickers on the table, the phone, the window, the cat. It’s like a veritable sticker explosion.

And, I swear, I didn’t take my eye off the pair of them. OK, maybe just to check my e-mail really fast, but that was only for a minute. And, now, stickers. Everywhere. (The poor cat!)

I sigh. I redirect: “Let’s see who can color a rainbow. Who sees the purple crayon?” And I peel stickers. Stickers. Off. Everything.

Feeling the Burn
But, truth be told, I don’t mind. I mean, stickers do peel off. (Except for the one that is permanently affixed to the inside of my washing machine.) And two pairs of little hands are getting some serious fine-motor-skill workouts peeling, sticking, peeling, sticking, peeling, sticking.

Plus, friends and family know of this sticker obsession and are constantly sending more. Feeding the addiction. Saving my wallet. Bless them.

Holiday, Anyone?
Thank goodness Valentine’s Day is coming up. Hershey kisses, chocolate-covered cherries, peanut-butter cookies: these things don’t mail all that well. But stickers do.

And we’re definitely stuck on you, Valentine. Well, not you per se, but the stickers you’re headed out to buy.



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  1. HAHAHA… Elmo probably told them stickers are their friends.
    I can hear his little squeaky voice telling them stickers are FUN!

  2. Stickers are the worst! Who invented them? I am in a constant state of scraping them off the windows. Crack!

  3. You know you are a parent when you have grocery store stickers on the windows inside your CAR!!! Class-ay! But yeah they are relatively harmless. 😉

  4. I love stickers! I remember when I was little, i had(well still do) a sticker collection. Everywhere we went I wanted to buy more stickers. But kudos to helping with fine motor skills! As a future teacher that is a plus!

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