Haiku Friday

January 29, 2010 at 3:39 pm | Posted in Haiku Friday, Lollipop | 2 Comments

Haiku Friday

A note up at school:
Germs on the loose; be watchful.
My child coughs. Sneezes.

Cheeks like fireballs.
Seals bark in her little lungs.
Snot. (At least it’s clear.)

Steam. Then cool, wet air.
Applesauce: all you can eat.
Favorite bunny.

She cries in the night.
Hugs and songs — my magic tricks —
Don’t work. Stroke her hair.

How long? Till she’s well?
Till more Tylenol? And sleep?
Till she smiles? Till spring??



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  1. Hope things get better.
    Kids are so resilient.
    The cure is ice cream.

  2. Okay, I won’t even try to make my comment a Haiku. These were great, though! I love that you could make some beautiful out of something yucky.

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