Too Many Kids

January 30, 2010 at 5:04 pm | Posted in Giggles | 2 Comments

It’s one of my favorite Shel Silverstein gems. You know, the one about “too many kids in this tub, too many elbows to scrub”? Every time I put Giggles in his crib, I hear Shel’s little ditty in my head.

Because Giggles has a thing for his stuffed animals. They all have to be in his crib with him. Every single one. There’s Orange Bunny and Green Frog. The requisite pig. Purple Bear 1, Purple Bear 2. Purple Dinosaur, who’s plastic but somehow made the Giggles cut. (Am I sensing a thing for purple here?)

Too Many Elbows to Scrub?

No Eyebrows, No Problem
And, there’s dear old M. Mouse, still the hands-down favorite despite the fact that his eyebrows have fallen off. The list goes on. Occasionally, Giggles will even throw in a couple of books. Or a comb or a truck. Just to keep things interesting.

But mostly, it’s the soft, furry, plushy creatures who share his sweet dreams with him. And occasionally engage in Socratic dialogue. Or WWF-style wrestling throwdowns. Or however he entertains himself in there when he’s trying not to sleep.

Why Nurseries Never Look Like the One in the Magazine
Often, I attempt distraction. “Surely, five is enough today,” I think, as I block his sightline to the rocking chair where three of his stuffed friends sit. Cutely arranged by yours truly with a quilt my grandmother made. Sitting so perfectly.

Oh, what folly. Giggles knows. He knows who’s missing. And he calls them by name, like Noah herding animalkind aboard the arc. “Bow Bear, Bow Bear, Bow Bear!” I toss in Bow Bear. “George, George, George.” In goes the Curious George lookalike. “Mumu, Mumu, Mumu.” All right, all right, Shamu, too.

The Sacred Headlock Ritual
Once they’re all in the crib, I try to disperse them around the perimeter. I mean, the kid needs a place to lie down, right? But, no. Giggles has a ritual.

He takes every animal. Tosses it to the left side of the crib. Puts his blankets on top. And plops down backward onto the pile. Sometimes he sighs. Content. And I know sleep is not far off.

But sometimes, he giggles. That famous Giggle giggle.

Too many kids in this tub? Nope. It’s WWF throwdown time.



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  1. Perhaps a kindly grandmother needs to send the fluffy deprived child a few more cuddly animals for the pile. One can never have too many stuffed animals. 8}

  2. My kid has those same jammies! He also must have his stuffed animals in bed, although he never touches them or does anything with them, they have to be there!

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