Lollipop: A Dictionary

January 31, 2010 at 10:44 pm | Posted in Lollipop | 2 Comments

chalking v.
to write/color/scribble/mark with chalk; var. coloring, markering, stickering, stamping, tea-partying.

dip n.
any kind of liquid (or semi-liquid) that, when consumed in high enough quantities, masks the taste of really awful vegetables; e.g., ketchup.

fur pants n.
what dogs wear; difficult to wash; frequently found on floor, rugs, clothes, tabletops, and the occasional casserole.

hot juice n.
a carbonated beverage; e.g., Sprite.

John Beer n.
The tractor company; identifiable by green sign with yellow deer; despite highly visible deer, still called John Beer (alt. John Beard).

Messy Store, the n.
any of a variety of home improvement stores that sell mulch; because, when purchased at said store, loaded into vehicle for transport, and unloaded into wheelbarrow, mulch makes a big mess.

scaries n.
anything that elevates the body’s fear response into overdrive; coll: “Don’t put Darth Vader on. I don’t want the scaries!”

snagger n.
a child who snags; that is to say, a child who grabs things off shelves at the grocery store; generally has a negative connotation; coll: “Don’t be a snagger today, Giggles!”

snake cheese n.
cheese that has been grated; resembles snakes; hence the name.

sprinkles n.
(1) any kind of powder that comes in a small glass jar and is fun to dump on food, or restaurant floors; e.g., salt, pepper; (2) any kind of powder that comes in a small glass jar and doubles as a maraca.

tomato n.
the scourge of the garden; not to be eaten at any cost; tolerable on plate only if promised dessert.

Vulcan Mind Meld n.
elaborate hand gesture akin to the one used by Spock; can be substituted for goodnight hug and/or kiss in cases of illness, bad breath, or especially scratchy beard.



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  1. children have a language all to their own! just ask giggles.

  2. Love this! These are the ones that you need to put in a journal or babybook so you can pull them out for her when she becomes the mom of a preschooler!

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