Replacement Ruffles

February 3, 2010 at 5:55 pm | Posted in Lollipop | 9 Comments

About this I will be clear: I did not want a “princess” daughter. No pink. No frills. No tutus. Nada.

We didn’t find out Lollipop’s gender for this very reason. I didn’t want that crucial bit of data influencing the way we planned for her arrival and imagined her little personality. Our kid could climb Mount Everest or join the NYC Ballet or eat paste. Pink or blue paste.

No preconceived notions from us. Just our kid being whoever our kid wanted to be.

Blame it on the Hormones
My husband thought I was a little nuts — to his credit he kept this mostly to himself — but I was adamant. We would be gender neutral. The nursery. The layette. The toys. And the blue car seat we planned to borrow from friends? Well, it would be great for a boy or a girl. So there.

Enter Lollipop. A girl. Friends and family who had showered us with lovely yellow and green and giraffe-y gender-neutral items suddenly did an about-face. A girl?? She needs pink, she needs it!  So arrived in the mail: pink onesies, pink blankets, pink animals, pink books (about pink cupcakes and pink rainbows).

Babies R Us shareholders everywhere rejoiced.

Whatever You Do, Just Don’t Mention the “C” Word
Since Lollipop looked like a little old man for the first few months, I actually found myself pleased with our never-ending parade of pink. I could dress her in something pink, take her out in public, and have people tell me how beautiful my daughter was. (The borrowed blue infant carrier tripped them up occasionally, but mostly, they were spot on. My postpartum hormones appreciated this.)

Even still, I tried to maintain the gender-neutral mindset. As she grew, I offered her trucks just as often as dolls. I read her books about bugs just as often as bunnies. And I never, ever, not even once, mentioned the name “Cinderella.”

Mom on a Mission
Which brings me to the present. And what I’ve been doing feverishly this last week. Please don’t laugh.

Sleeping Beauty, er, Cinderella

I’ve been scouring Craigslist for a Cinderella dress for Lollipop. And not her first one. Her second.

Why do we need another? Because my one-day-will-climb-Everest-and-do-all-the-things-boys-do-just-as-well-if-not-better daughter eats, sleeps, and breathes Cinderella. (When I’m not trying to woo her with Princess Leia, that is.)

I kid you not. She sleeps in this dress. She eats in it (hence the permanent grape jelly stain on the beaded bodice). She agrees to take it off only nanoseconds before she gets in the tub. She wears it to school, the grocery store, her gym class.

And the repairs it needs are beyond my sewing and glue-gunning abilities.

All About the Bling
How, I ask myself, how did this happen? How did she even learn about Cinderella? And I have no idea. None.

Cinderella Trims the Tree

But what I do know is this: From the beginning, she gravitated to princess dresses at other houses we visited. Costume jewelry, shiny high heels, feather boas, she could not get enough. Even when the other kids went outside to play on the trampoline or swing or eat rocks, Lollipop stayed in. Dressed to the nines.

Because You Can Totally Climb Everest in Heels
Oddly, this all-things-princess fascination doesn’t bother me like I thought it would. She is clearly choosing this. And she is learning to be whoever it is she’s going to turn out to be.

Cinderella, Ever Helpful Around the House

Granted, she’s learning one tiara at a time. But this is what I wanted for her all along.

And I’ve finally found her a new Cinderella dress. (Well, new to us … Have you seen how much those cost at the store??) It’s a package deal, comes with four other dresses. I’m going to pick them up tonight.

For my princess.



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  1. She is just getting ready for all those State dinners when she is President. Well, maybe CEO of a large environmental friendly corporation. 8}

  2. Oh this is too funny! My daughter has an older brother, for the longest time would take a train or a truck over a doll or something like that. Now it’s changing 😉 And at first I wished she would stick w/ the trucks, but I’m finding I don’t mind the girly stuff too much.
    So glad you found the dresses!

  3. Can’t wait to hear the post about how she fell in love with hats…! I love this!

  4. I like your style. And I can relate, in that I am not a princessy girl type, however, perhaps because I already had two years of boy before my daughter was born, seeing her baubled, sparkling self prance and dance into the room, I am starstruck, in love.

  5. Great post! You had me laughing out loud! My little man told me the other day that he drew a picture of himself as a girl at school and I have to admit…I was a little taken aback…but I am now going to chalk it up to my great “gender neutral” parenting!

  6. I’ve got one at home JUST like Lollipop!! It really is amazing how much girlie-nes must just be instinctual. Hubby is trying reeeeally hard to get her interested in hockey… she will now play a bit with him outside because he bought her a PINK stick.
    I’m sure Lollipop will be over the moon with FOUR new dresses – have fun!!

  7. I made the mistake of putting a green and blue onesie on Adriana when she was about 6 weeks old and the lady in the bathroom at church said my little boy was adorable. That was the last time I went out without something pink on her or her carseat.

  8. I have 3 daughters and have never been a girly-girl myself. All three of them have gravitated to princess-y stuff. Our house is like a foreign pink land. My middle daughter, while being the daintiest princess of the bunch, is also an avid fan of pirates and blocks. She tells me that Spiderman is for boys but she likes him anyway. There is hope! Meanwhile, hang in there and enjoy a glimpse into that foreign land!

  9. That is awesome.

    My Pixie and your Princess should get together. I also didn’t push the princess stuff. Okay, she got really big into Dora, but she liked Diego as well so I thought we were doing okay. My sister, on the other hand, has been supplying this girl with tutus since the Pix came out of the womb. And I gotta say, she loves them.

    Luckily, she also loves Road Runner cartoons and burping, so I think we’ve struck a good balance!

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