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February 4, 2010 at 10:39 pm | Posted in Family, Giggles, Lollipop | 9 Comments

We had a special guest at our house last week. And not like the “special guest” that you have to sit through before Sesame Street Live finally starts, hallelujah. A real, live, can’t-wait-till-he-gets-here, don’t-want-him-to-leave kind of guest. The kind that, just by saying his name, incites squealing, jumping, running in circles (and occasionally into the coffee table).

Pawpaw. That’s right. My dad was in town.

A Life of Leisure
He came because my husband was going out of town for a few days. And because I am very pregnant. And because, well, he’s my dad and I needed him. In fact, he drove 16 hours to get here. Straight through. And then did it again to get home. (Yes, I am an only child. Yes, I am one lucky kid. This is most definitely not lost on me.)

So, Pawpaw’s arrival gave me ample time to … sit. Put my feet up. Read a book. (A whole book.) Let someone else distract Giggles from the silverware drawer and play with Lollipop in the sandbox. For hours.

I know what I liked best about his visit. And I’m going to venture a guess as to what the kiddos liked best. Here’s the recap.

Top 10 Best Things about Pawpaw’s Visit: The Mommy Version
1. Sleeping in. Every morning. No joke.
2. Having a dish-washing fairy.
3. Watching Pawpaw play outside with Lollipop and Giggles. From my kitchen table. With a cup of hot chocolate.
4. A clean banister. And it wasn’t me who spent three hours scouring it. (I am nesting. Yet I don’t have the stamina for arduous, random chores that Must. Be. Done. Yesterday.)
5. Sparkly white pantry cabinets. (See note on nesting.)
6. Seeing Giggles crawl up in Pawpaw’s lap. Just because he wanted to.
7. Homemade chocolate bars and peanut butter cookies. (Did I mention Pawpaw cooks/bakes?)
8. My own personal Sherpa. (“Haul these 12 boxes downstairs so I can sort them, please. Carry these five back upstairs. Oh, and can you take the rest to Goodwill? Now?”)
9. Takeout for dinner. A lot. And not on my dime.
10. Hearing Giggles say “Pawpaw!!” for the first time.

Top 10 Best Things about Pawpaw’s Visit: The Kiddo Version
1. Pop-Tarts for breakfast. Every morning. And a special trip to the store, just for more Pop-Tarts.
2. Hours and hours and hours of swinging.
3. Stickers. On Pawpaw’s hands, shirt, book, drink. Sweet!
4. Disney movie marathons. (Shhhhh, don’t tell. Mommy was sleeping in.)
5. Lollipop: Asking Pawpaw to tickle Giggles (and Pawpaw complying!).
6. Giggles: Playing trains with Pawpaw. On demand.
7. A trip to Costco. The store of legend, where two kids can sit side by side in one cart. And hit hug each other. Incessantly.
8. Cheerios. All you can eat.
9. The magic suitcase. Wherein was discovered a train set, two puzzles, two books, Charlie Brown, and aforementioned peanut butter cookies.
10. Getting up before the sun. With a grown-up who’s ready to play.



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  1. Where can I find myself a Pawpaw??

  2. It is always fantastic to have those visits 🙂 Yay for Pawpaw!

  3. Wow ! Gee, here I thought I was the one on vacation being able to play in the sandbox, eat pop-tarts and watch Disney movies! I am very blessed with a wonderful family.

  4. Oh I love this! I’m super close to my Dad and a bit sad that he lives pretty far away from us. Airplane or two days driving far away. It sucks because for awhile when Wonderboy was young we lived in the same town. He’s Papa for my kids. And although he is not someone who will be up playing and letting us sleep in(!) – he’s great with the kids.

    Your Dad sounds wonderful!

  5. Thank goodness for Pawpaw!! The fact that he bakes/cooks really puts him over the top!
    I’m counting the weeks until my snowbird parents return from Florida.

  6. 🙂 Glad you’ve got such a great dad!

  7. So, can I borrow your dad for a couple of days?

  8. Can he come visit me?

  9. I want Pawpaw to come to my house too 🙂

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