Photo Tuesday

February 16, 2010 at 4:03 pm | Posted in Lollipop, Photo Tuesday | 17 Comments

Daddy and His Butterfly

Butterfly Kisses
All the precious time,
Like the wind, the years go by.
Precious butterfly,
Spread your wings and fly.




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  1. No. words. Too precious!

  2. ah. would we all have wings. pretty wings, just like that. and that cute butt!

  3. Oh how sweet!
    Love your take on the challenge.

  4. Oh, that’s so wonderful. And it’s just a regular day, right? Maybe we should all put on some wings whenever we feel the inclination.

  5. That is so cute!

  6. That is one of the most adorable pictures I think I’ve seen. Love it.

  7. Stopping by from You Capture to share some kisses.

  8. Very cute! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Oh so cute!!

  10. Oh. my. gosh. I love this.

  11. Well that is just about the cutest picture ever!

  12. Such a sweet picture. I love it so much. Enchanting : )

  13. Perfect prose for a perfect photo! These are the moments that make parenting worthwhile.

    Did you make the wings? They’re very cute!

    • Yes, we made them. I did the pattern and tissue paper, and she did the coloring and stickers. She wore them till they fell apart, literally. =>

  14. So sweetly adorable!


  15. So very sweet!

  16. What a precious snapshot. Just beautiful!

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