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Bubba. Ugh.**

It’s one of my son’s nicknames. And not one given to him by a great aunt who makes prize-winnin’ peach pie. It was me. I did it. And it vexes me.

Really, I just kept mixing up two nicknames. I’d start to call hum “Buddy” and then finish with “Brother.” After too many verbal mash-ups, what came out was “Bubba.” Like a hybrid. Only not so PC.

Dixieland Delight
I am not a stranger to the South. I prefer my okra fried. I dig scattered, smothered, and covered hash browns. And I think Winn Dixie has the best baked goods around. So I feel as though I can dislike this nickname while still embracing Southern culture. Or at least without slighting it too, too much.

It’s just, when I hear myself call him “Bubba,” certain images flash through my head. Like we ought to go ahead and buy him the F-150. Or ask the Easter Bunny to bring him his first spittoon.

I’ll Take “Words that Start with B”
But this is only part of my semantic anxiety. Consider the other “B” words in our house. There’s Bobo, which is our dog’s nickname. And there’s boo-boo. Which, as every parent knows, is an injury that requires a kiss and, occasionally, a band-aid.

For example: “Look, Bubba, here comes sweet Bobo to lick your snot give your boo-boo a kiss.”

Except I’m always confusing this, too. Chronic sleep deprivation? Chronic chocolate deprivation? Chronic Elmo deprivation? (Well, definitely not that last one.) Whatever the cause, it is not unusual to hear me say, “Bobo, let go of Bubba!”

And if Bobo has Bubba, then I better stop blogging and pay a tad more attention.

The Bright Side
But let’s think about this. Surely “Bubba” has some positives.

OK, here’s one: It sounds like “bubbles.” And my son loves bubbles. Also, it’s easy to say “Bubba” and laugh at the same time. Especially during family tickle-fests. Then there’s the high Star Wars role-playing quotient (Bubba the Hut, Bubba Fett, Chewbubba, you name it).

Plus, Wikipedia says it’s a term of endearment. (And Wikipedia knows everything.)

OK, I guess Bubba’s not so bad. I guess I won’t be buying that spittoon after all.

’Cause I’m still holdin’ out for the Easter Bunny.

**Disclaimer: Goodness knows, it’s hard enough to find a name you like. If you have intentionally named/nicknamed your bundle of joy “Bubba,” let’s get together soon for some sweet tea. I’d love you to convince me I’m wrong on this one.



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  1. I think Bubba’s cute. I always think of Forrest Gump’s “best good friend” Bubba.
    There’s also, Bubbalicious (when he’s helping in the kitchen), Hubba Bubba (when he’s dressed up nice).

    Have a great day!

  2. My eldest’s nickname is Boo Boo. And in this area, cuts and scrapes are “owies” thank you very much. 🙂

  3. Hi Stacia! I have nominated you for The Sunshine Award…because you are awesome, and I so love reading your blog. Please stop by my blog for details.


  4. My girls’ nicknames were Monkey (or Monkeyhead) and Bun. You can’t really shorten Flora (unless you’re my brother and call her Flo — and don’t), but Kathryn is Kate and (sometimes) Katie. I also call Flora “Baby Girl” even though she’s 5, and my older daughter.

    Kate I also call Trouble, Missy May, and Stubborn.

    It seems so often boys get stuck with “Buddy”. I think Bubba is at least unique!

  5. The classics never die. At some point, I started calling my daughter “Sugar Booger.”

    Pass that sweet tea.

  6. At our house, my kids are Noodle Head and Stink Bug. I sometimes forget that we’re in public when I talk to them and get looks from strangers.

  7. This cracked me up! That would probably worry me too 🙂 Maybe in a year or two a new name will spontaneously appear in time for his school years.

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