Haiku Friday

February 19, 2010 at 10:21 pm | Posted in Haiku Friday | 10 Comments

Minivan Math

Bun will soon be here.
Our four will be five. Plus dogs.
Minivan required?

I drive a wagon.
I like it. It’s paid for. Yay.
Do that math. Easy.

One tiny problem.
Three car seats in one back row?
Hail, geometry!

Trusty tape measure,
It’s all about the angles.
Kid can’t ride on roof.

Oh, Magic 8 Ball:
Sienna? Or Odyssey?
Neither. Van deferred!

I’m pretty sure I can’t hold out forever. Minivan owners, talk me into it.

Haiku Friday



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  1. We have a wagon (a Volvo XC… older… but paid for – like you said – yay!) and we’ve fit three carseats in the back. It’s tight, but doable…
    My inlaws actually have an Odyssey and LOVE it šŸ™‚ They drive to see hubby’s brother in TX, recently drove down to FL, and said they were so very comfortable (though I’m still not sure why they need a minivan for the two of them….)
    I think I typed more characters than your haikus combined…. sorry for taking over!

  2. Hail geometry!

  3. I love this post! You are a poet (and you don’t know it?). šŸ™‚

    And this dilemma is one I can well relate to. We have two car seats in the back of our Honda Civic and there is no fitting another seat (or even a very skinny kid’s butt) between them. With plans to have another child, we have already started to talk about the minivan in our future.

  4. I say don’t ever give in!!!!!!!

  5. Kid can’t ride on roof. Giggle.

    Hail geometry!

  6. oh man, that is funny. I LOVE the way you write. Very entertaining. I’m new to your blog, love reading about other moms lives and connecting via blogs šŸ™‚

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Sienna. We bough a (gently) used 2006 eight-seater Sienna in October and I’ve never been so happy with a vehicle. Who knew?

  8. Thanks to the new Sienna commercials which I find amusing and so smartly researched/executed, I have found myself asking Adam for a minivan, and we only have one child. haha! Every time I see these during the Olympics, I think of you. One thing to consider, you can negotiate (esp on a Toyota) so much better with time on your side rather than when you’re 3 weeks postpartum, hormonal and can’t get them all to fit šŸ™‚ http://www.youtube.com/sienna

  9. I am totally with you on this one. If we need, I will look at wagons and maybe (gulp) and SUV or crossover vehicle. I can’t picture a mini-van in my life. (Unless 1. I have twins or 2. My younger daughter joins a band and needs room for her drums.)

  10. […] and a newborn are strapped into their car seats, which are stuffed into the backseat because Mommy refuses to get a minivan. Mommy is at the wheel, driving home from oldest child’s […]

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