Where the Ladybug Sleeps

February 24, 2010 at 11:06 pm | Posted in Giggles, Lollipop | 6 Comments

I have bottles of finger paint in my wine-glass cabinet. Elephant stamps, ink pads, and construction paper in my coat closet. A soccer ball in my pantry.

Stickers and coloring books share shelf space with cans of tomatoes and peaches. Sunscreen peeks out from behind the dog biscuits. A fold-up toddler tunnel hides behind the Eureka (the scary one).

Diapers and Desitin decorate my mantle.

A toilet paper roll stands guard behind the globe at the top of the stairs. Juuuuuust out of reach of the three-feet-and-under crowd.

At the bottom of my closet (hidden behind a lamp I’m certain we’ll use one day) sits a pile of storybook jackets, their hardcover counterparts already bent and bruised and adored by tiny hands.

At the top, next to a pile of scarves and purses, is a box of shells from our first family beach trip. Half-used boxes of fold-and-seal valentines. And a set of play-kitchen pots and pans finished in metallic Fling-’em-to-the-Floor-and-Hear-Mom-Roar.

On the other side, behind Daddy’s tux, are rows and rows of irresistible rectangles. Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney, Henson. Magic.

A blue ladybug sleeps in my sock drawer.

Happy organizational accidents, every one. Because, where children roam, I’ve found that logic rarely applies. Things are where they are. Where they’re needed most. Where they’re wanted most but best not reached.

Or where they are frantically stashed as company knocks at the door.

And, suddenly, that’s their place, their permanent place.

Quirky, odd, and off the wall. But everything in its place.

What sleeps in your sock drawer?



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  1. Nothing unusual lives in my sock drawer but in every other nook and cranny throughout the house. I call it the “lived in” look. I only wish that the things I myself put in quirky spots actually stayed there so I could remember where they are!

  2. I’m pretty neurotic about organization. I’m secretly afraid that if the house gets out of control, I will never get it back. However, I do get visits from tiny Lego people at the strangest times. I discovered a few weeks ago that there was a whole colony of them in the bottom of a box of tampons!

  3. Ah, that ladybug looks familiar! By Iowa artist Isabelle Bloom. (my hubby is originally from Iowa, so we have a few of her pieces). A sock drawer seems reasonable…
    Teva’s not mobile yet, but I can only imagine what treasures I will be hiding away from her little hands….or what will adorn my book shelves or be hidden away in the closet.

  4. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your blog. That was awesome.

    I think you and I subscribe to a similar philosophy of housekeeping. There is an enormous princess dress strewn in front of my fireplace right now. That makes perfect sense to me. There is a four-inch pile of shredded construction paper in the middle of my couch, and it is going to stay there until my daughter decides she is done cooking her “soup.” This is just the way it is. It ain’t a magazine spread, but it’s all good…

  5. The way things go around here, as long as it’s not alive, I’m not complaining!

  6. Love your blog and this post. Made me laugh. I am the complete opposite with everything in its place! My best friend is just like you thus I really enjoyed this post!

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