Haiku Friday

February 26, 2010 at 11:06 pm | Posted in Haiku Friday | 6 Comments

A Snowball’s Chance

Tuesday we had snow.
Fluffy wafers danced all day.
And some of it stuck.

It doesn’t snow here.
It was like a two-year-old
Saying, “More peas please!”

“Can we play in it?”
“When Dad gets home. Mom must cook.”
(Really, Mom’s a wimp.)

Bundled up: hats, gloves.
Puffy toddler cotton balls
Frolic with pure joy.

Snow angels, snow cones.
Frozen clothes. Frozen noses.
Wheeeee! More, Daddy, more.

Strange. Wonderful. Snow!
All gone by morning. Sun’s out.
Glad we got pictures.


Mixing with our out-of-the-blue snow last week was a little sunshine … the Sunshine Award from my bloggy friend Eliza. Who is no stranger to snow. And explosive diapers. (On the poop thing, at least, I can totally relate.)

I’ve spent the day herding spoons and speculating why superheroes need masks, so I’m going to take the easy (read: fun) road. You can read the award’s fine print here. And without further haiku ado (couldn’t resist!), check out my nominees for sunshiney goodness:

6512 and Growing
Raises chickens. Eggs!
Green thumb. Ask about the chard.
Best gift: dictionary.

Country-Fried Mama
Lights dessert on fire.
Is raising smokers. (Sort of.)
Needs frappuccino.

Just Making Our Way
Cadbury: soooo good.
Reads the Lego catalog.
Magic shows? The best.

Mama Bub
Painting nursery pink.
Serves scrumptious schloop for breakfast.
Creepy-crawlies? Run!

Mommy Drinks Because You Cry
Big fan of post-its.
Channels inner peace daily.
Feeds her kid pickles.

I’ll stop at five, though I have many favorites and could go on. (And on.) I mean, the power of the haiku simply cannot be stopped. But writing “haiku” and “blog” and “Friday night” in the same sentence has me wondering about my nerd gene. And my early morning wake-up call.

Haiku Friday



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  1. Love your haikus.
    Thanks for the award.


  2. Thanks for the mention! Thanks for lots of new great blogs to follow!!!

    I do love your haikus.

  3. Nothing is better
    then discovering a blog
    that makes me happy!

    Thanks for the shout out!

  4. Love the poetry (and honesty!). Glad she got to go out and play in the snow.
    (And thanks for the encouragement throughout my Olympics posts!)

  5. I make mine wait for Daddy to play in the snow, too!

  6. I embrace your nerd gene! Thanks for the honor. 🙂

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