Photo Tuesday

March 2, 2010 at 5:13 pm | Posted in Giggles, Lollipop, Photo Tuesday | 18 Comments

My Hope for Them:

That bubbles …

And leaves …

And fireworks …

… Never lose their magic.




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  1. What great pictures (and sentiment)! I love the magic in childhood, and seeing it through my daughter’s eyes makes it magical again for me too!

  2. Gorgeous… the words and the photos 🙂

  3. They haven’t lost their magic for me!

    Cute pics.

  4. Do they ever lose their magic? Especially fireworks!

  5. You’ve inspired me to buy a real camera.

  6. Sweet. =)

  7. Love it! I agree too!

  8. oh my, so simple yet so meaningful and sweet!

  9. Cute pictures!

  10. How wonderful this is!

  11. BUBBLES!!!!! (need one ever say any more than that?)

  12. Bubbles and fireworks still hold a special place in my heart

  13. I LOVE the fireworks picture!!!

  14. How beautiful!
    I love your images of hope!

  15. Oh wouldn’t that be nice? Children have such a wonderful way of looking at the world. I wish we could all look at the world like that.

  16. The picture with the leaves is the best!

  17. Beautiful post and photos. The bubbles and the fireworks photos are just great.

  18. So true! I think as long as they are still magic to us parents, it will stay magic for the children. Great photos.

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