Haiku Friday

March 12, 2010 at 2:43 pm | Posted in Bun, Haiku Friday | 9 Comments

In the Oven

Bun is still cooking.
The oven? Is getting tight.
Elbows in my ribs.

Like a tidal wave,
He rolls across my stomach.
Poking out his tush.

Heartburn never ends.
But I bet he will be bald.
All my babies were.

Pillows are my friend.
Last count? There were five. For real.
No room for husband.

Nesting? Too sleepy.
Have big honey-do list though.
Get to it, Daddy.

The countdown begins.
Just a little bit longer.
Be cool, kid. Be cool.


Today, I am proud to have an earlier post about Bun featured at the Kitchen Table, which seeks “stories that touch on our frailty and our strength.” Thanks for the opportunity, Melanie! And thanks to Kristen for encouraging me through her recent post. I hope you’ll stop by and talk to me at the table today.



Haiku Friday



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  1. Just wanted to say I loved your piece “at the table.” (Can’t find my disqus pw at the moment.)

    It’s all so wondrous, isn’t it.

  2. I\m always blown away by your haikus. And I want that cinnimin bun so much i could cry. and i don’t know how to spell cinimmon cinnimmin cinimman, and i’m too lazy to go check.

  3. What a great haiku, I can so relate!

    Also that cinnamon roll? WANT.

  4. I remember that tidal wave feeling!

  5. Loved that post!

  6. I’m enjoying tidal waves myself these days! I’ve been nesting, but I think about to crash on that.

    Five pillows? I’m hanging tough without the big body pillow this go around, but there’s still time.

    Really love your haikus!

  7. “Pillows” and “countdown” are my two favorites. Too true.

    Congrats on being featured at The Kitchen Table! Very cool and I loved the post.

  8. Love this. I suddenly find myself longing for a (third) bun in the oven. Reading sweet posts like this doesn’t help!

  9. Nice haiku, I love it! Hey, and as you may know I’m overtly sensitive right now about haiku having to be “about a season,” but guess what? Pregnancy is a season! Your poem is perfect. (Oh, and I want that cinnamon roll, too.)

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