Red Fish, Blue Fish: My Zodiac

March 21, 2010 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Bun, Family, Giggles, Lollipop | 22 Comments

I am a Pisces. That sign and me? Were meant to be together. I’m so very water: empathetic, compassionate, at turns calm and stormy.

Of course, there’s the other side: I’m oversensitive, indecisive, idealistic. Have trouble accepting less than perfection. Ahem. And another big one: I like being alone. By myself. It’s renewing, not lonely. In fact, what did my husband give me for my birthday? A day. A whole day. Alone. By myself. And a Starbucks card to go with it. Perfect.

The Stars Aligned?
But it’s strange how we ended up together, Pisces and me. See, I was a preemie. One month early. Technically, I was supposed to be an Aries. And I am so not an Aries. (Just ask my husband — he is). This sums up the Ram sign for me:  “It’s all one big learning curve.” For my husband, life is all about learning. How to screen in a deck (which he’s doing right now). How to build computers (which he does for fun). How to tie a slip knot (just because he wants to know).

This learning curve? It’s one of the things I love most about him. And occasionally deplore. Like when it’s 103 degrees outside, the AC is broken, and I just want to call someone to fix it already. But Husband Googled, learned, repaired. Amazing to me.

Because I’m a Pisces. And I could paint a decent mural on your AC or write a funny little essay about it. But ask me to fix it and I’ll dissolve into an emotional puddle. (Again, the water.)

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs
Why all this talk about signs? Well, my recent birthday, for one. And Bun’s birthday, for another. I’ve been going out of my mind trying to plan for his arrival, figure out what to do with Lollipop and Giggles and the dogs and the cat during the actual labor, coordinate schedules for (God bless them) family members who are coming to stay for a few weeks after he’s born.

I find myself desperately needing to know wondering, when is he coming? Which month? What day? What sign?

And what about Lollipop’s and Giggles’s signs? (I had to look them up.) Are their signs, like mine, a perfect fit? And how in the world (the heavens?) did Someone or Something know that they should be born when they were born?

My Three Signs
Lollipop, she’s a Libra. She’s a thinker, a communicator, a social butterfly who flits about with “flair” and “grace.” And there’s this: “There’s no way others won’t notice your style.”  That explains the frog boots.

Giggles, a Sagittarius. Enthusiastic, well-liked, jovial. (Indeed … I wish you could hear the Giggles giggle.) His philosophy: “To bite off more than you can chew and then chew as fast as you can.” Especially if you stole the morsels from your sister.

And Bun? Most likely a Taurus. Persistent, practical, cautious. Patient (can he teach me this?). And “prepared to wait as long as it takes for the right moment to act.” That’s my boy.

Of course, some stuff isn’t spot on. Giggles, a party animal?? No, not my sweet Giggles. Surely. (Please?) Plus, my kiddos are young. Time, experience, friendship, heartbreak — all of these are going to shape the people they become, much more than their signs. But it’s an interesting jumping-off point, a curious cosmic coincidence to consider.

Under the Nesting Moon
And the way I’m going, what with this existential star-planet-moon-sign thing? I’ll be reading virtual tea leaves and hosting a Tarot card giveaway next. Is this emotional nesting? Since the clothes are sorted, the banister scoured, the name chosen (hallelujah!), is my mind taking over the task of getting ready for baby?

I could Google it, but, well, that’s Husband’s job. He’s the Aries.

What’s your sign? Does it fit? What’s your take on astrology in general? Know how to read tea leaves??



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  1. Oh man, I’m a Taurus, and me and patience are not best friends. Stubborn and I, oh yeah, but patience…uh-uh. But, you know, if the Bun is a Taurus he’ll be great – despite the fact that all the Taurean traits make us sound like the most boring people on earth (dependable, loyal, persistent, cautious, blah blah blah), I think we go all right. Not that I believe in that stuff – I just like to read my stars every day… Just in case. 🙂

  2. I myself, am a Scorpio. Little Teva is a libra (just like Lollipop), and my hubby is a Cancer. Even though Teva is still a wee babe, I am finding her to have quite the little perfectionist tendencies. I can already tell she is very particular about things! I find all that so interesting, even if I don’t take it toooooo seriously. I definitely put a little stock into the zodiac.

  3. I’m the last day of Virgo, but I’m almost a Libra. (Rarely, in some books/magazines, I am actually a Libra.) I don’t really know much about the sign, because there are so many different things I read. Some I agree with, some I don’t. But I do know I’m supposed to get along well with a Taurus, and my son is a Taurus (determined, cautious, for sure). My daughter is a Scorpio. I know a lot of Scorpio women, and one of the facets is a lot of emotion, apparently. So I’m trying to prepare myself for that one. My husband is a lion. Oh, I mean Leo.

    I love trying to think of what the baby’s sign will say about him or her. When are you due?

    • I’m due in early May, smack-dab in the middle of Taurus. Determined and cautious … I’ll take it! Plus, Tauruses come out of the womb sleeping through the night, don’t they?? =>

  4. I’m a libra, and I think that fits the bill. However, I haven’t even thought about my kids signs! I think I’ve just realized what I’m going to do with my evening 😉

    • You have frog boots, too?? Seriously, I do love that jaunty scarf I’ve seen in a few of your posts lately. A keen fashion sense indeed. =>

  5. The Wonderboy is a Gemini – and boy, is he. “Variety is the spice of life for you – you like to be in two places at once and have more than one thing on the go.” Such a true definition of my darling boy.

    My husband, myself AND the Pixie are all Cancers. The Mr. and I are typical Cancers – homebodies, moody, sensitive. (Part of you that doesn’t want to grow up? Definitely the Mr!) And I sense that the Pixie will fit this mold as well.

    Part of me always wants to scoff at Astrology – but it completely fascinates me.

  6. I’m a Capricorn and I usually think it suits me, but then I read the other horoscopes and think that they all suit me. Maybe I am highly suggestible.

    And I’m with Corinne: no idea what my kids’ signs are…off to find out!

  7. I am SO a Pisces, too. It’s unnerving how much that sign fits me.

    Miss D. is a Sagittarius, and I think this is fitting as well.

    Poor Miss M.–I have no idea what she is? Bad Mom! Off to find out!

  8. My husband is solidly a Pisces — emotional and compassionate. He is rather extroverted, though, and a true handyman.

    I don’t put a lot of stock in zodiac signs, but I do think it is fun to see what they get “right” and where they are off. I am rather a complete Aquarius (introverted, curious, aloof). Kate is a Capricorn and Flora a Scorpio, and it’s been awhile since I looked into astrology, so I can’t tell you if the signs “fit” or not.

    (And Happy Belated Birthday!)

  9. I’m an Aries. But I don’t like to fix things. I do like to gather clutter around me for weeks and months on end and then go into a crazy pitching frenzy every season. (Next week, baby! Garbage men will rue the day I cleaned my house!)

  10. I’m a Pisces, too. And I definitely fit the bill in most aspects. Pretty much all of the things you described fit me too. Except. I’m also very much into putting stuff together. I would both draw a picture on the AC AND fix it. Yeah, it’s a little crazy. I don’t know if I truly believe astrology, but I think there’s enough to it to not dismiss it. Tea leaves? No way. But I do enjoy a cuppa from time to time. 🙂

  11. I am an Aries by birth, but I could not be farther from an Aries in life and personality and soul. I am a reserved nurturer who loves to follow the crowd and doesn’t like to step on toes. I am SO not the fearless Aries they describe.

  12. I’m a Pisces too . . . everything you wrote resonated with me. No wonder I like you and your blog so much. It’s a Pisces thing!

    What day was your birthday?

  13. My daughter and I are both Virgoes, and what I’m hoping she doesn’t inherit from me or the sign are perfectionistic tendencies, the need to hold ourself to a very very high, often unattainable standard. I hope she does get the empathetic, deep feeling part of it though. I find that though it makes life less than easy to live, it makes it much more meaningful in the end.
    I also have a Taurus, and though I can’t reassure you that they come out sleeping well (mine was a ridiculous baby), they eventually become sweet, kind and questioning in all the best ways (if my O. is any indication, that is).

  14. […] Yesterday I was reading this post on Fluffy Bunnies’ blog about her astrological sign, and how it fit her so perfectly.  I decided for the fun of it, to […]

  15. I’ve been thinking about this all week.
    So I blogged about it:

    • Cool (at the risk of sounding so very ’90s)!! Can’t wait to hop over and check it out.

      • We ARE kindred signs – both water signs! That’s why the waterworks appear during commercials I guess.


  16. I am also a Taurus and like Allison, not patient. Sorry 😦 But cautious and determined, yes. So Bun will have that going for him. Taurus is a great sign! And yes, I slept ALL the time when I was little. I STILL love sleep (just don’t get it as much). You need to check out the birthday book, has it down to the day. So much fun to read because it is spot on! I read Adriana’s and the scariest line, “A compelling need for love will probably draw you into all kinds of romantic relationships, some of which can prove to be more trouble than they are worth.” SIGH, poor girl. Poor us. The HUGE bright side is she should be creative, ambitious, youthful and sociable with a magnetic personality–all good!

  17. As you can tell by now, I’m spending my time stalking your site, catching up on my week’s reading, and very very late with my comments (and also misplacing one because that’s just the kind of day I’m having – my apologies).

    Anyway, to your question, I’m a Leo and have loved being the center of attention, which is characteristic of this sign, but being an only child, this part was easy. Now, with a baby, that spotlight is gone as it’s now all about Little Miss, and I’m surprised at how OK I am with that. Leos also tend to be leaders. While I enjoy knowing that about my sign, trying to live up with that expectation is a little daunting.

    When I found out that Little Miss would be a Scorpio, I was not too thrilled as lions tend to butt heads with scorpions. In the animal kingdom I’m quite sure lions would win. In our world, Little Miss is already formidable at 16 months. But I’ve convinced myself to stop listening to the stars, and believe that if I try my best to foster a close, loving relationship with my daughter, it will happen. It may just take a little more effort…

    • From your blog, it looks like it’s playing out pretty well so far. I bet your tuna recipe will be one of the keys to her heart. =>

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