Haiku Friday

March 26, 2010 at 8:24 pm | Posted in Haiku Friday | 14 Comments

Puke Week: The Finale

Wayne’s World. Blowing chunks.
Once? That was hilarious.
Now? Too close to home.

Hurl. Ralph. Barf. Spew. Yak.
Lots of terms. Euphemisms?
No way. They’re all gross.

Oh, the smell. Gag me.
With a spoon. And make me puke.
A vicious circle.

To clean germy stuff,
Toss in the wash. Cross fingers.
Will Mouse lose an ear?

Eggs. Milk. Grapes. Turkey.
All vie for top offender.
In my book. And yours?

Puke: All moms clean it.
Get it stuck under their nails.
That’s love, I tell you.

What do you call puke at your house? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever tossed in the washing machine? Ever played the game “Toss Your Cookies”?


Haiku Friday

(Jan‘s gonna love my contribution this week. Her haiku? Is about God. Mine, well, not so much. Unless you count the porcelain kind.)



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  1. Sounds like you’ve had quite the time. Hope the puke stops soon. As for what we call it, we usually go with the good standby of vomit. We’re not very creative here as far as that goes.

  2. Oh geeze. I don’t know what to say except….may the force be with you!

  3. Oh know – I hate those weeks.

    I usually just go with the term puke myself.

  4. Puke in your nails. You’re not kidding about love!

  5. Perhaps you’re getting all your family pukes out for the next many years. Hope so.

    My favorite is Miss Rose, not quite three, telling the world “I fwoed up.” She is proud.

  6. We call it lots of things here.

    Puke, vomit, DISGUSTING.

    I HATE puke. One of my twins had an overactive gag reflex and used to puke if he coughed. It was terrible.

  7. Yeah…returned eggs are top on my list for worst smelling throw up. Followed closely by peanut butter. <>

    • I haven’t yet had the pleasure of peanut butter. Can’t wait for that one!

  8. No creativity here either. We stay with puke and vomit. Or, we just go straight to “HONEY!! GRAB THE BABY!!!” Works just as efficiently.

    Very creative!

  9. Anything mild based is definitely the worst. I like to use the “gentler” term of “throwing up.” Although if it happens more then once it quickly degenerates to puke.

    Let’s hope this is a better week!

  10. Dammit. Anything MILK based – not mild. Jeebus.

    • And it’s funny how all my daughter wants after she pukes is yogurt. Never fails!

  11. My son used to call it “shooting fire” As in, remember that day the guys came and cut down that tree and I was shooting fire out of my mouth?

  12. I’m such a sucker for a good Haiku. So talented!!! I love it! Great finale to Puke Week. ( I don’t think it was actually the finale though, was it?)

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