Baby Chick Flicks

March 27, 2010 at 9:28 pm | Posted in Bun | 26 Comments

“Can I just spray a little PAM down there right before the baby comes out?”

This line, from Baby Mama, made me fall out of my chair. (There may also have been some guffawing involved.) Because, well, yes. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if a little PAM was all we needed to get the job done?

As Good As It Gets
Last night, I went to my shower for Bun. We watched Baby Mama and laughed. About the PAM, about brown smudges looking decidedly chocolate- and poop-like, about how hard it is to open a childproof toilet. We marveled at how cute Greg Kinnear is.

We talked. Really talked. About the usual: diapers, nap schedules, and C-section scars. But also about going back to school and our dream vacations. About loving our babies but wanting our bodies back. It was conversation: eager, honest, real.

And we sprinkled Bun with impossibly tiny diapers and puff-painted onesies. We felt his little hands push against my stomach. We called him by his name.

It’s Not Me, It’s You
When my friends offered to throw me a little something a while back, I really wanted to say no. With two kids already, we have the stuff. Everything we need — and lots we don’t need (27 sippy cups?) — to raise a third child. I felt a little ungrateful, a little selfish, a little presumptuous asking people for more stuff.

No, my friends insisted. This baby deserves to be celebrated, too. It would be about him, not me. (Case in point: the free-flowing Dr. Pepper and mountains of Oreos … two of Bun’s major cravings. Definitely not, um, what my taste buds desire.)

Sitting Down on the Job
And it was about him. It was his night.

But it was mine, too. I got to sit. I got my plate fixed for me. My drink refilled. My Bun’s Oreos replenished. Without even having to ask.

I left feeling renewed. Feeling a part of a community of friends who understand it all. Feeling that I can do this job, this impossibly grueling and amazing job of being a mother.

With a little PAM, of course.


Watching Baby Mama got me thinking about my other favorite baby-themed movies. And all those Oreos got me thinking I better not attempt sleep until my heartburn medicine kicks in. So:

My Top 10 Baby Movies*
1. Mr. Mom: Feeding chili to a baby with a runaway vacuum on the loose, all while trying to kick a nasty soap opera habit? Totally been there.

2. Three Men and a Baby: Magnum PI showing his sweet, cuddly side … Need I say more?

3. Look Who’s Talking: I think of this movie every time I hear the Beach Boys. “Round, round, get around, I get aroooouuuund!”

4. Baby Boom: She makes her own applesauce, for Pete’s sake.

5. Juno: I can’t look at orange Tic Tacs without smiling. And ThunderCats, Ho!

6. Traffic: Pregnant and powerful Catherine Zeta Jones makes me cheer for mothers everywhere. (Despite the tiny detail that she’s selling cocaine on her husband’s behalf.)

7. Gone, Baby, Gone: Hated this movie. But I needed to see it. Tough stuff.

8. One Fine Day: George Clooney as a doting father. Ice cream at Serendipity’s. Kid sticking a marble up his nose. Something for everyone.

9. Sex and the City: Remember the episode where Samantha “repairs” Brady’s bouncy seat? And the one where Charlotte’s friend steals her baby name? And the one where Carrie runs into Aidan and his son? Man, I love that show.

10. The Office: Jim and Pam procreating? About time. And breastfeeding the wrong baby? Totally something I might do in a sleep-deprived haze if I had to share a hospital room.

What did I forget? What’s your favorite? Are you a fan of Jim and Pam?

*OK, not all these are about babies. And not all these are movies. But we can make it work, right?



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  1. So much made me smile in the post.

    My soon-to-be-born Sweet P also craves Oreos and Dr. Pepper, though not together. She forced me to polish off a package of Double Stuff in two days earlier this week.

    Sprinkles? I love Sprinkles and would have loved to be the guest of honor at one. Unfortunately, I have friends in and near my zip code but not a cohesive group of friends who all know one another and might pull together such a gathering. Sounds like a completely wonderful time. Getting my plate filled sounds like heaven and then eager, real adult conversation . . . even better.

    Mr. Mom — fantastic movie. My favorite is when he gets yelled at during school drop-off, “North to drop off, South to pick up, asshole!”

    My most recent post also mentions PAM cooking spray.

    And speaking of PAM, I could not love Pam and Jim Halpert any more than I do.

    • “Hi, Jack. You’re doing it wrong.” Love that part of the movie. Enjoy the Double Stuffs!

  2. I so miss Sex and the City. I think movie #2 comes out in May…can’t wait!

  3. 9 months with Hugh Grant. Don’t forget that one! And Adam Sandler in Big Daddy – that was funny wasn’t it?

    The only reason I don’t leave my husband and stalk Jim Halpert is because I have a girl crush on Pam and love her equally. So glad they are together finally. And the mistaken baby situation was hilarious!

  4. Loved One Fine Day 🙂 I think I have the soundtrack somewhere!

    • I loved it, too, AND I have the soundtrack. I bought it because of the Natalie Merchant cover. You and I like the same movies, Corinne. (Let me test you–have you seen/did you like Before Sunset?)

  5. Mr. Mom will always be one of my all time favorites! I’ve watched that movie a million times.

    Loved hearing about Bun’s shower. I think the ones that happen with the second (or third) child are often the best. It’s usually made up of your closest family and friends and, like you said, you can just relax and enjoy those Oreos!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful baby shower! I hope I can come down there and meet little Bun when he’s born! (and Giggles, for that matter…!).

  7. I just loved everything about this post. Especially the oreos! My fave pregnancy movie is definitely Juno. “This is one doodle that can be un-did, home skillet”, and Baby Mama. I was totally scared that our Bradley Birth Teacher would be like the birth teacher in Baby Mama (she wasn’t, she was awesome). I’m so glad you got to celebrate Bun. Sounds like it was a fabulous time!!!

  8. I have *Baby Mama* on my Netflix queue, but haven’t see it yet. I have been wanting to see *Mr. Mom* again, but I don’t know if it’s available on DVD. (Everything I get is through Netflix, so if they don’t have it, I don’t see it.) Your post made pregnancy seem nice, even though it is all too recent for me and right now, I never want to be pregnant again. Ever. (That’s probably normal when you have a four-month-old, right?)

  9. The breastfeeding thing was HYSTERICAL. Love The Office.

    Glad you got a shower! How lucky you are!!

  10. I’m so glad you had the shower. I only have two children, but didn’t have the shower for the second. I kind of feel it set the tone for the rest of his life so far. Everything is so NEW with number one, and so ‘done’ by the time the second comes along. Have put this notion in my ‘must try harder’ file. So many things to remember…

  11. Love your list. (Also love SATC – for so many reasons.) And that Pam idea. Hmmm. Couldn’t some genius work on that? It has promise.

  12. I’ve never seen 4, 7, 8, 9 (really, not one episode), and I’ve totally lost track of the Office. that is one I would catch up on DVD, though. I read the book for 7, and I knew I couldn’t watch it.

    I really love She’s Having a Baby. It’s not exactly something I would recommend for 1st time moms, but it’s so good — as is the soundtrack!

  13. Great picks! Definitely some of my favorites. I haven’t seen Baby Mama yet. Adding that to my Netflix queue now.

  14. Now that is a baby shower I can dig. I thought Baby Mama was hysterical. I adore Baby Boom, Juno and SaTC. And I liked Knocked Up, the younger and grungier Nine Months (love).
    Along with Parenthood and Father of the Bride II.
    Since you’re being so inclusive with your list and category, I will throw in About a Boy, on the grounds that its star spends part of the plot pretending to have a baby.

    • About a Boy, yes! It counts for sure. I love it when Hugh Grant takes him to get “cool trainers.” And Toni Collette, has she ever done anything that wasn’t good??

    • Yes, Knocked Up! Against my better judgement, I love Judd Apatow films. Wonder how he would feel being included on a list of Baby Chick Flicks!

  15. Sounds like a great shower.

    I wish Pam was all it took.

  16. My favorite line from Juno – “Dude, I’m a sacred vessel.”

  17. I’m right there with you on Juno and Sex and the City. Miranda having a baby gave the girls’ relationships another dimension, and it was wonderful to see that they could make it work. But that’s Hollywood for ya. I haven’t seen my single girlfriends in ages.

    Also, Tina Fey can do no wrong. I love her humor.

  18. I LOVE Jim and Pam. And, Oreos!

  19. LOVE Juno, both for the pregnancy aspect, and also because I thought Juno’s stepmom was such a great “mom” role model. And About A Boy, fabulous!

  20. I’ve never seen Mr. Mom. As a stay-at-home-dad-to-be I probably ought to check it out, though I assume it will seem terribly dated.

    Not mentioned —

    Ice Age: Not a classic, but some cute stuff with the animals caring for the lost human baby. It’s basically an animated Three Men and a Baby, with a sloth as Guttenberg, a mammoth as Selleck, and a sabertooth tiger as Danson.

    Miracle at Morgan’s Creek: Only sort of about pregnancy, but the birth at the ending is hilarious.

  21. I love the sound of your shower. I wish my girlfriends and I took the time to share those special times together – even if one of us isn’t having a baby any time soon. 🙂

    I thought the baby episode of The Office was hysterical. I laughed out loud at the male lactation consultant.

  22. Love it! Great post. I LOVED Juno.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

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