One Sugar Please

March 29, 2010 at 4:07 pm | Posted in Lollipop | 13 Comments

After our tough week, Lollipop and I were both ready to escape the confines of our humble, laundry-ridden abode on Sunday. So we headed out together. For tea.

The library was having a Louisa May Alcott tea party as part of Women’s History Month β€” real tea, in real cups, with decidedly real cookies. And they were letting in toddlers!

In my mind, we would both dress up, smile excitedly together for the camera, have our first little mother-daughter shindig. We would enjoy each other’s company. And we did. In a decidedly Lollipop way.

A Nip of the Good Stuff ...

Tea for Tutu
She chose to wear a silver sleeveless dress with gold sequins, her pink tutu, lavender socks, and blue-and-white sandals. Her accessories? A yellow and hot pink purse (to carry her Cinderella doll and a blue stuffed car) along with two treasures from my jewelry box, a red beaded bracelet and a silver pendant on a brown cord.

Next to her, I felt downright boring in my black slacks, white sleeveless maternity top, and plain old silver jewelry. (In hindsight, I could have at least worn my tutu. Next time.)

When we arrived, we chose our table. I explained that we would need to wait for the other guests to get settled before we dove headfirst into the tray of cookies. I showed her the projector screen where we’d learn about Louisa May Alcott and the table full of art supplies where we’d paint our own teacups. I said we’d have to practice being very patient and very quiet.

A Steep Learning Curve
I asked if she understood, if she had any questions. And she said: “I wonder if they’ll have cantaloupe tea, Mommy.”

Turns out, they didn’t. So she settled for pomegranate. I chose lemon. Fascinated by the way the tea bags made the water in our cups turn bright colors, she steeped and steeped and steeped the tea. She tasted it, squinched up her nose, and steeped some more.

She attempted to squeeze a shortbread cookie onto her plate with tongs and lobbed it across the room instead, Γ  la Julia Roberts. She discovered that sugar comes in cubes. And ate two straight from the bowl.

Painting Outside the Box

She looked through a book on tea accessories. An airplane teapot! A kitty-cat plate full of lemon wedges! White tea-sipping gloves! I could see her adding these details to her memory banks for future parties with her rabbits and cars.

She chose red, green, and purple paint to decorate her teacup. And quickly set to work covering the inside of both hers and mine. When I explained we wouldn’t be able to drink from them again because of the paint on the inside, she paused. Then re-dipped her brush with gusto and said: “That’s OK, Mommy, we can put beautiful flowers in them.”

Practically Imperfect In Every Way
Oh, she certainly wasn’t perfect. She pulled off the tiny purple pansies on the silk centerpiece. She had to use the ladies’ room during the librarian’s presentation. (Twice.) She wiggled. She picked her nose. And cried a little when I insisted she use a tissue.

But it was perfect. The day, the party, the time together. Our day, our party, our time.

I’ll raise my cup of cantaloupe tea to that.

What’s one of your most special memories with your child? Ever been to a tea party (and worn sequins)? Like the taste of sugar cubes?



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  1. How nice! I wish our library had tea time! So far, we’ve just done things like the aquarium, the zoo, the kids’ museum. I really enjoyed watching him play at each for the first time. (The library storytimes can be a bit of a circus, on the other hand.)

  2. I’ll be attending my little great niece’s 4th birthday ‘tea party’ in a couple of weeks. I was worrying about having a hat to wear…maybe I should consider a tutu instead πŸ™‚

    I love your blog…keep up the great work.

  3. That sound so sweet and imperfectly lovely πŸ™‚

  4. πŸ™‚ Sweet memory… I have lots and made one today at the grocery store with Corinne. She was a rainbow of patterns and chattered the entire time we shopped for 10 items. She was thrilled to have all of my attention and ECSTATIC to get a 49 cent bag of trail mix. A perfect slice of time…

  5. Sounds perfect to me!

    I take my son to the coffee shop with me sometimes and I get a drink and he gets chocolate milk and we just chat about silly 2 year old stuff. It’s wonderful.

  6. Guitar lessons with Mr6 are fantastic – not only do we share a common goal to master the G chord, but we have to practice together regularly. Love it.

    With Mr3 I’m savouring all the little moments. I realised today I have only two more years left with him before Big School. In some ways, Yay!. In other ways, not Yay!.

  7. How delightful! I think it is these moments that you can look back on and remember. Especially during the hard times. As for cantaloupe tea? I never knew it existed!

  8. OMG – a tea party with toddlers AND Louisa May Alcott? That sounds amazing to me. I need to find an event like that for us.

    For my daughter’s first birthday, I threw a cameo-themed tea party and while it was a lot of effort (especially scouring thrift stores for Victorian-ish tea cups and saucers) it was worth it! I have kept the tea sets for the next tea party–when she’s old enough for tutus, sequins and sugar cubes. I can’t wait!

  9. What a great idea and a beautiful way to spend time together. Wonderful memories you’re creating with her – with or without your tutu!

  10. What a great event! I’m telling our librarian.

  11. I love girl time with Rose. Every Friday morning when big bro is in preschool, it’s just the girls. Sadly, we do a whole lot of errands. But happily, we sing and cuddle and chat and share a little chocolate.

  12. Sounds lovely! We are planning a tea party for my niece’s bridal shower, and I can’t wait. My mom has about twenty hat boxes with my Grandma’s old hats in them, and we are going to get all decked out. My little Sweet P will be able to go with me (though she’ll be in her infant carrier!)

    So looking forward to mother-daughter events like tea!

  13. I do not get enough one-on-one time with each of my girls, and it breaks my heart. Flora and I have been to a movie (The Princess and the Frog) and I can’t wait to take her to another. We had a tea party at our house (hosted by a friend starting her own business), with two other girls. I wore a boa (briefly).

    I really have to arrange more one-on-one time. When Kate and I get one-on-one time now, it is usually because she is being punished and has to stay home with me (or her dad) while Flora (and one of us) goes to the fun gig. It’s not quite the same.

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