Photo Tuesday

March 31, 2010 at 1:28 am | Posted in Giggles, Photo Tuesday | 20 Comments

“The finest inheritance you can give to a child is to allow it to make its own way, completely on its own feet.” Isadora Duncan





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  1. Baby legs. Baby feet. Love, love, love them. You’re tempting me to sneak into my boys’ room now just to gaze upon their chubby, pajama-clad legs.

    Thanks for sharing that quote from Isadora Duncan and these yummy photos.

  2. Oh my ovaries!!! Between your pictures, and Beth’s of her new little one… I’m going all goo goo for babies!
    So sweet!


    WHOSE legs are those?!? Those are edible. Something about babylegs for a woman. Makes us hungry for behbey thighs…

  4. Love this, love that you captured it. Those little bits that are so baby change so fast. I’ve spent hours just looking at my kids, trying to remember all their small, chubby parts. Even still, you forget, and my youngest is only 13 months. I just want to reach out and blowfish those chubby legs. Cuteness!

  5. Baby legs are so yummy!

  6. SO cute!! There’s something about baby legs and feet that is just so beautiful. When my son was a newborn, I was obsessed with taking pictures of his feet…

  7. There is nothing better in the world than fat little baby legs and sweet little baby toes.

    If only those rolls were still cute in our thirties. 🙂

  8. Fat rolls rule!

    We worry about our petite little girl sometimes – about how she isn’t a “chubby baby” – until we see her belly and the little fat rolls on her thighs. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

  9. Drooling…

    I have to tell you, I just googled “Fluffy Bunnies” seeking my daily dose of Stacia, and the first site that came up was “Fluffy Bunnies of Doom.” That must be your *other* website.


    • How funny! Yes, that’s my “dark days of parenting” site. Ha! Guess I need to work on my search engine optimization. =>

  10. I just love chubby baby feet. I’m so glad there is a little pair in my house that I can nibble.

  11. Oh, those chubby baby legs! And cute feet to boot!

  12. Baby feet are the best!!! Way cute!!

  13. chubby baby feet are the best!!!

    thank you for participating this week 🙂

    ~ keli @ kidnapped by suburbia

  14. So much cute!!

  15. Love the pics, and lovelovelove the quote!

  16. So cute! Chubby legs and feet get me every time!

  17. Oooo… chunky baby thighs!! 😀 Gotta love them.

  18. aww love the wiggly baby feet!

  19. Busy baby feet, and such cute chubby legs!

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