Haiku Friday: The Cadbury Edition

April 2, 2010 at 10:07 am | Posted in Haiku Friday | 29 Comments

Easter: The Candiest Holiday

Chocolate bunnies.
Jelly beans. Peeps. Reese’s eggs.
Sweets for everyone.

But my favorite?
The Cadbury egg. Creme-filled.
Drippy. Delicious.

Thick, solid outside.
Gooey, sugary inside.
Ovoid magic.

My record? Five eggs.
Would have had more but ran out.
Bet you can’t beat that.

Eaten yours up, too?
Try the crunchy mini-egg.
Will do in a pinch.

What’s in your family’s Easter basket this year? Do you like Cadbury eggs? Or those licorice-flavored jelly beans?


Haiku Friday



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  1. Nothing beats the sheer heaven that is a Cadbury!

  2. I love love LOVE the caramel Cadbury eggs, and my husband adores the regular ones. Since we gave up sweets for Lent this year, I had to make sure to buy a stockpile of them that we will be enjoying on Easter and the week following. I couldn’t go a whole year without my Cadburys!

  3. I’m a sucker for Reese Peanut Butter Eggs. While pregnant, I actually thought I may have turned my fetus into a peanut butter egg. There’s something different about the ratio of chocolate to PB with the eggs. Ahhhhhh, yum! aaaaaaand, now I want one. Bad.

    Boo to jelly beans. yay for stale peeps. You have to cut a slit in the package so they get a little crispy on the outside.

    How are you feeling, by the way?

    • Hear, hear, for the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg. Especially while pregnant.

      And two thumbs down to licorice jelly beans (and licorice in general) – and two thumbs up for stale Peeps. Yum.

    • Can’t do the Peeps. Blech! Of course, I realize some people are like that about Cadbury eggs, which I, of course, can’t imagine not liking.

  4. Mmm… I almost forgot about those 🙂 Will have to make an extra trip out tomorrow for them! They are by far my favorite!

  5. No Easter sweets here
    I have dropped the ball on this
    Have to remedy!

  6. Love Cadbury eggs, but I don’t think I could do more than one. So sweet and yummy. And licorice flavored anything is just yuck.

    • Yes: licorice = yuck. Totally agree!

  7. I will probably be getting Cadbury eggs from my parents (why, yes, they still do my Easter basket now for 2), and I give myself Sarris’ chocolate covered oreos. The girls get PB chocolates, jellybeans (no licorice ones) and a little gift. Dan gets a meltaway egg.

    The trickiest part this year will be getting all this stuff in the car for our 2-hour road trip North without the girls noticing.

    • Chocolate-covered Oreos? Why have I not heard of this deliciousness??

  8. I love cadbury eggs! I love Easter candy.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. Love it ALL (even the licorice stuff!) 2 cadbury eggs is my limit.

  10. My parents just took my kids on a walk to CVS. I feel like I should call them and ask them to get me a Cadbury egg (or six)!

    My Easter faves are Starburst jelly beans (except NOT the tropical flavor bag and no green ones of any variety), the flavored tootsie rolls (especially the blue/vanilla), and miniature candy bars (Twix, Snickers, Butterfinger).

    • I’ll take all the green ones, mep!

  11. It had been about five years since my last Cadbury Creme egg and I had one TODAY! And I loved it while I was eating it and then felt Sick when I was done. I guess I wasn’t used to so much sugary chocolatey yumminess all at once. I choose solid chocolate or chocolate/peanut butter over anything else. It was always so sad for me growing up since I was the only Jewish kid in my class and while I was celebrating Passover, unable to eat any of this deliciousness, all of my friends were indulging themselves on all of my favorites. My mom made up for it when Passover was over though… kind Jewish mom that she was!

  12. I cannot stop myself from eating those darn candy-coated mini-eggs. I eat, and eat and eat them. They are so little they are deceiving. The creme filled ones, I can totally do without. Let’s swap! 🙂

    Happy Easter to you!

  13. I used to love Cadbury eggs, but I just can’t handle them anymore. I love the Cadbury Mini Eggs, though. Jelly beans are also a must-have, but I don’t like the licorice ones. My absolute favorite Easter candy is Peeps, especially somewhat stale ones. There really is an art to properly aging Peeps prior to consumption – open the cellophane, but don’t remove it completely, allow the Peeps to age at least 24 hours, but no more than 36 hours. Makes for a nice chewy consistency without them becoming rock hard. (I’ve probably given this too much thought.)

    • You have mastered the art, it sounds like. There is a fine line between too fresh (blech) and too stale (chipped tooth anyone?).

  14. Chocolate anything. Doesn’t it seem like it could bring about world peace? 🙂

  15. Growing up Cadbury Eggs were my favorite. So were Reese’s Eggs. Yummy.

  16. Oh, I love this! Delightful and you know, I can totally related (the Cadbury induced fog of Easter…mmmmm).

    I just posted a link to it on my blog (hope you don’t mind!).

    • Thanks for the link, Terresa! Hope you have a chocolate-fog weekend. =>

  17. Cadbury’s make my teeth ache! I’m more of a sour sugary kinda gal. Although, those do look a little tempting!

  18. I love Cadbury’s eggs. Love them lots. Want one now.

  19. Late to responding to this but had to weigh in on the love side for the Cadbury Creme Egg! I think my record is three. But I’m totally stopping at CVS on my way home from work to try to score some half price ones!

  20. Ohhh, yummy! Duckyboy ate an entire bunny filled with Ferro-Roche bonbons on Easter this year. How’s that compare? I can only eat 1 Cadbury egg at a time.

  21. I didn’t spot any references to the awful delight that are chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs – can this be?!

  22. […] Have you ever spent Easter somewhere else? Which traditions would you take with you, and which would you leave behind? Could you live without jelly beans? Peeps? Cadbury eggs? […]

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