Lollipop: A Dictionary, Part II

April 7, 2010 at 2:15 pm | Posted in Giggles, Lollipop | 24 Comments

big boomies n.
the result when one’s father sweeps one’s knees out from under one while one is jumping on the bed; coll.: “Can I jump on the bed tonight, Daddy? But no big boomies!”

CD n.
the piece of paper given to a customer at a store as proof of purchase; customarily called a “receipt”; coll.: “Can I marker on the CDs in your wallet?”

chewy-yummy n.
the deliciousness that is a package of gummy fruit.

in the morning adv.
the period of time immediately following sleep of any kind; coll.: “Where are we going after my nap in the morning?”

little splash n.
the exact amount of water allowed to exit the tub during a bath so as to avoid a timeout.

mield n.
the triangular, red-bordered sign seen at many intersections that informs vehicles they do not have the right of way.

oatmilk n.
the result when too much milk is added to oatmeal.

squish n.
Play-Doh, because it’s squishy.

warmies n.
clothes that must be worn when it is cold; includes much-despised pants; coll.: “What’s the temperature? Is it a warmies day??”

yucky n.
the top and bottom part of a banana where the fruit attaches to the peel; coll.: “Mommy, make sure you take off the yucky.”


Giggles: An Appendix

bye feet n.
the act of sticking one’s feet in footed pajamas and zipping them up until morning.

dip-it mouth n.
the sugary-delicious process of soaking a piece of waffle in syrup and eating it.

eye-stuck adj.
having a malady of the eye, including but not limited to tears, eye boogers, pink eye, or a wayward eyelash.

night-night int.
the state of any object resting or placed on its side; coll.: “Night-night, horse” (said gently as the rocking horse is yanked sideways to the ground by its mane).

nose-stuck adj.
having congestion; the characteristic of being congested.


What words, phrases, and expressions are in your family’s dictionary? Do you eat the yucky? Obey the mield?



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  1. What a sweet, cute post! I love the things kids say. My son calls his runny nose snot “nose water” and when it gets dark outside and my daughter can’t see anything through the windowns, she says, “Turn it on, mama.”

  2. At my house, string cheese is called “cheese dudes.” I have no clue why.

  3. Love it! We miss the days when Princess Nagger had her own language – like calling her bathing suit a ‘baby snoot’. 🙂

  4. In the morning is the same here 🙂 Whenever the kids wake up from anything they always say “good morning!” Love it!

  5. Love this…kids are adorable! I love playing with “squish” and next time I come upon one of those signs I’ll be sure to “mield”. My goddaughter who can say my name perfectly well and often calls me Mommy instead of my name suddenly (two weeks ago) started calling me “Duyan” and hasn’t stopped!

  6. Totally made me smile! Thanks. 🙂

  7. So so cute!
    My daughter used to call her bathing suit her “baby suit.”
    Love that you’re recording all these.

  8. It’s great for you to have a record like this. I really can’t think of anything off the top of my head. Okay, maybe I can. My son says mawlower instead of lawnmower. And “stone” instead of “scone.” I’ll definitely be paying more attention to these sorts of things now….

  9. This kills me. In a good way. Too cute/adorable/funny.

  10. Love these cute kid-isms. Like a G-rated version of those Snigglets from the 80s.

  11. I cannot, cannot wait until Little Miss has a vernacular of her own. I have to be sure to have a record of some of these when she does. This is wonderful!

  12. AWWW!! This is so sweet and wonderful!! My little girl is still developing her dictionary so I have only a handful of clearly spoken words. She does call yogurt and pickles “igo?” Kind of weird but whatever. : )

  13. Simply delightful. I’m sad to not be able to think of any of our own, though I know they are plentiful. This is a testament to why we should all keep posts like this. Otherwise, we just plain forget.

  14. So cute! My son does the in the morning then too (or he did, when he used to nap…sigh).

  15. A new one from Easter:
    My three year old son says: I want to eat a SWAN, Mama. I want to eat THREE SWANS,
    Translation: I want to eat PEEPS! LOTS OF THEM!

  16. I love this post! I’ve been thinking lately that I need to write this stuff down, as more and more of my son’s baby names for things give way to the actual name. Some of ours include nesana, for cement mixer, and opalmeal, for oatmeal. He also renamed our dog, once called Hercules, Geecies. It stuck and now we all call him Geecies and he answers to it quite happily.

  17. I’m with Lollipop–I do not eat the yuckys. Don’t you love the little “isms” that kids come up with?

    Snowy doughnuts: powdered sugar doughnuts.

  18. Too cute!

    Once they turned into teens, I gave up…

  19. The secret language of families has long been an obsession of mine. We are still being visited by Ninjapoops (nincompoops), which makes me laugh every single time.

  20. I love kid speak. I can’t wait to hear all of the fun little things my daughter will say. For now its mostly gobbledy-gook, which has its own charm, but not quite as funny.

  21. Awesome list! I especially love oatmilk. And “bye feet.”

  22. Ha! These are wonderful. Here’s a favorite from my house.

    Panini – someone who has done you a terrible injustice. (big meanie) Example: “No honey, you can’t have ice cream for breakfast.” “You panini, mommy.”

  23. This is the best!
    Every meal is “dinner.”
    Many nouns develop a “y” at the end, like “I put my platey in the sinky.”

  24. […] Appendix See also part 1. And don’t miss “Lollipop: A Dictionary” (parts 1 and 2) and “Giggles: A Dictionary.” […]

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