Haiku Friday

April 9, 2010 at 11:54 pm | Posted in Haiku Friday | 15 Comments

Haiku Friday: Sweet Dreams

This cat? He's the only one without sleep issues ...

My dear Lollipop:
I wish I understood why.
You won’t sleep in bed.

Oh, your comfy bed.
But you prefer the carpet.
Pillow. Bunny. Floor.

We shoo the noises.
Leave the light on, door open.
No monsters in sight.

Still, you choose Mohawk
And beige fuzzies in your hair
Over Grannie’s quilt.

Tonight? Dad hopped in.
Just to see what you’d do, say:
“Get out of there. Please.”

Dad: “I can’t sleep here?”
You: “No. Go to Mommy’s bed.”
(You knows who’s in charge.)

Your back? Sore, no doubt.
Your carpet? Mashed up, pressed down.
But your dreams? Peaceful.


My precious Giggles:
I wish I understood why.
You have stopped napping.

So tired. Eyes droop.
We read. We sing. You hug Mouse.
Snuggle your blanket.

Then I leave the room.
The party starts. You laugh, squeal,
Rattle the crib slats.

You chatter, giggle.
Who are you talking to? And …
What are you saying??

It’s that Mouse, I know.
A bad influence. A rodent.
But you love him so.

When I check on you,
You collapse on your pillow
And squeeze your eyes shut.

Playing possum. Cute.
But your charm won’t work on me.
Kid, just go to sleep.

What tools are in your sleep arsenal? How do you scare the monsters away? Strangest place you’ve ever found your kiddo zonked out?


Haiku Friday



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  1. I once found my little one crashed out in the dog’s bed. I didn’t leave her there . . . very long.

    • Building their immune systems, building their immune systems, building their immune systems … That’s what I tell myself anyway. =>

  2. My little one has been sleeping well and napping fine-ish until lately, where she’s more aware of her stuffed toys. She stayed up 1.5 hours past the time we put her to bed one night, chatting with “the village” she accumulated on her bed. Since then we’ve been limiting her to one that she picks for bedtime but last night, we heard what we approximated to be a recounting of her day’s stories to her sleep buddy. We saw many trains that evening, and so for about an hour, there were many “choo choos” in her conversation.

    It’s cute and all, but the less she sleeps, the more I stress…Wish I could just let go and enjoy these moments.

    • It’s so tough, especially when you know they’re exhausted. How do they keep going?? We’ve started limiting Giggles to one friend, too, but like Little Miss, he can talk to one animal just as long as 20!

  3. My son slept on the floor for like a year… we were okay with it because otherwise he fell out of bed and woke up (and getting him back to sleep is a nightmare in itself)… Oh and even when we put the mattress on the ground, he still preferred the floor (and still fell off the mattress and woke up if we moved him).

    • If we put Lollipop in her bed during the night, she gets back down on the floor when she realizes it, too. Good to hear your son had a “carpet phase,” too. =>

  4. I think I’d welcome a carpet phase in favor of the sleeping-between-mom-and-dad for lengthy intervals during part of every night!

  5. Oh, how I wish my son would zonk out in strange places! He doesn’t zonk out anywhere, he just fights sleep. Lately the tools in our arsenal have consisted of singing “Yellow Submarine” and letting him sleep with our dog…whatever works, right?

  6. The nap thing? A big deal around here. I love nap time, but my daughter is less than enthused. I don’t get it–I wish I could be forced to take a nap!! : )

  7. I love your haiku(s?) – not sure what the plural is. I find Mr3 on the carpet sometimes, curled up next to the toy box, perfectly peaceful. I leave him there. Never wake a sleeping child, that’s my theory!

  8. My kids are pretty firm bed sleepers. There is the occasional couch zonk out, but no floor discoveries. We do have hard wood floors, so that may have something to do with it!

    The Pixie gave up napping around 2. I couldn’t believe it. Did she not realize what she was doing to me?!? Only benefit was the earlier bedtime. Although now that she is almost four, she’s starting to fight that too.

  9. My son plays possum at bedtime, too. Better than crying!
    He’s resisting naptime lately. He skipped one altogether last week, which was definitely preferable to the 5 p.m. nap (and subsequent 11 p.m. bedtime).

  10. Awesome job on those haikus! And Lollipop is adorable.

    • Duh just realized Lollipop is NOT the cat’s name! I’m a little slow sometimes!

      • No problem! Out cat’s name is more suited to his, well, his girth. =>

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