A Mother’s Intuition

April 29, 2010 at 10:05 pm | Posted in Bun | 22 Comments
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I thought yesterday would be the day. I knew it. I felt it. My son would be born.

And, yet, it’s today. I am still pregnant. I know nothing.

I so rarely have intuitive moments. I could never just tell that I was pregnant; I always needed the test. I never had dreams about whether my children would be boys or girls; I relied on the ultrasound for definitive proof. I had no clue when I would go into labor; instead, I read the books, took the classes, and memorized the differences between “practice” and “active” contractions.

That’s why the feeling of certainty that April 28 would be Bun’s birthday struck me. Finally, a prenatal premonition! For a brief window, I thought I possessed the maternal sixth sense I had believed I so utterly lacked.

Turns out, I’m still a fake. And still very pregnant. I know nothing. Except: I am ready.

(And we’ve purchased a baby book.)


Do you believe in a mother’s intuition? Did you have any premonitions about your children? If not, did you compensate in other ways?



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  1. Oh good, I’m not alone. I was very sure Little Miss was going to be a boy. I also thought she was going to be a week early. She was a DAY early. Off to a great start, that intuition of mine.

    I can’t believe it’s so close for you already. Hope you have volumes of blog posts written and had trained Lollipop or Giggles to hit the publish button each day you’re out of commission. Where else would I go for my Bunny fix? (Wait – Did that come out right?)

    Happy thoughts your way all the same. 🙂

  2. At least you know it will happen sometime soon. I do believe in mother’s intuition, but I also believe it’s not always right.

  3. Every day of the last two weeks of my pregnancy with both my boys I thought would be the day. In retrospect I realize it was really just me trying to convince my body to get things going. The end is so hard, so much anticipating, so much emotion. I’m thinking of you lots!!

  4. I think that mothers can have intuition, but I had none, nada, about when my kids would be born. I had convinced myself that both of them would be early. My son was five days late, actually six, since he was born fifteen minutes after midnight. I told myself not to assume my daughter would be early, but I did anyway. I was having a VBAC, so I knew that the midwife couldn’t let her go more than seven days late. No problem, I thought.

    And then, as my due date passed, and the following weekend when I drank castor oil in my orange juice, she still wasn’t coming. It was hard not to be resentful. I had to be induced. And she decided to wait until 34 minutes after midnight, so that she was a total of nine days late. Ugh. These kids.

    We’re all thinking of you! Try to enjoy your last days/nights of sleep, if possible. That’s what I kept trying to do, even though I was so damn antsy.

  5. I always marvel at the women – or men – who talk about how they can “just tell” when their kid needs them, or have some premonition about their baby. Me? Nothing. Nada. Zip. I remember having a day like that though, when I was pregnant – Today is it! Didn’t work for me either. Maybe today?

  6. April 28 would have been a good day for a baby: that’s my son’s birthday. I felt SURE he was going to be born on 4/20, a date the high school boys I taught were thrilled about. Then it was a full moon on the 24th, my mom’s birthday, and I thought THAT was the day. Nope. I was induced on the 28th, a week late. I keep toying with the idea of letting my body do its own thing for this new baby, as I was induced with baby 2 also. But I know how hard that last part is, and am not sure I’ll be able to hold out. Besides, maybe they would have waited an extra month!!!

  7. I had no idea when my kids were going to be born, although I did just “know” that they were both girls. Everyone thought I was crazy, because my two pregnancies were very different, but I just had a feeling.

    Would that baby come out already! I’m ready for the meet and greet!

  8. I believe in intuition but my abilities are scattered and few. Or maybe I’m just not listening. But when I was pregnant, I was just too darned tired to care! Rest up during these last few days – that’s all I can say!

  9. I KNEW this baby was a girl, but didn’t tell anyone but my husband for fear I would be wrong. Honestly, I wouldn’t have believed the tech if she had told me I was having a boy. Here’s hoping your baby makes an appearance soon and I can live vicariously through you, because I’m NOT ready!

  10. I’ve had a lot of mother’s intuition that was 100% correct. And a lot that was completely wrong.

    So, it wasn’t April 28. So what? You’re still that much closer to the REAL birthdate of this baby!

  11. I was clueless.
    Thought daughter would be a girl, then changed my mind and thought boy.
    Thought I would be late. Was early.
    Even in early labor I was in denial – “It’s just a stomach ache…. see it’s gone, I’m fine…. oh it’s’ back…. no it’s gone I’m fine…. oh it’s back…”

    Although now I do feel that Munchie and I are very much ‘in tune’ with one another.

    Can’t wait for your exciting news!! Hang in there.

  12. My friend: I TOTALLY KNEW what the sex of my baby would be.
    Me, pregnant with my first baby and totally thought it would be a girl: Great now I have no maternal instincts and I haven’t even HAD the baby yet.

    You are not alone… But hopefully that baby will show up soon!

  13. Mothers intuition not always right…I knew I was pregnant immediately after conception the first time…second time I thought I was twice before I actually was! Didn’t have them when I thought I would either….however, my intuition is better now or maybe it’s just because I can read them! I hope you have your baby soon since you are ready and waiting.

  14. Oh no, you’re so not a fake!
    I think everyone’s intuition, like hair color and innate talents, comes in different forms, different packiaging. You’re probably staring it in the face and not realizing it’s a talent, whatever it is. Hang in there; your arms must be itching to hold this little one!

  15. You’re not a fake. We just expect ourselves to be such incredible mothers that we should actually by psychic. Please give your poor pregnant self a break. I was so startled to find out that my second child was going to be a girl, I blurted out, “What the hell am I going to do with a girl?!”

    Come on Bun!

  16. I totally believe in mother’s intuition . . . whenever it is convenient for me to do so!

    Hang in there!

  17. Yes. I knew while I was pregnant, that my children would have food allergies. I just knew. And they do. I can’t explain it. But this is a true story!!!

  18. The only intuition I have is when I sense a “whine” coming on, and even still it’s always worse than I imagined it to be. Not much I can do with this talent, alas.

    (At least you know, intuition or not, this baby HAS to come out eventually. Here’s to hoping he’s not like my second daughter, who was 5 days late.)

  19. I don’t have any intuition when it comes to pregnancy. I thought I would go into labor every night for two weeks.

    When someone asked (before ultrasound) if I had a feeling if I was having a boy or a girl, I couldn’t even venture a guess. I had no intuition about it. None at all.

    Maybe tonight will be the night for you!

  20. hi, I just found your blog by way of Late Enough and I like your writing! Congratulations on your next baby I consider myself very much the intuitive type but I was wrong all the time during my pregnancy…it is funny how “superstitious” I got during that time. Yes, maybe like you said your feeling was related to your readiness or, perhaps, something really was starting to click inside even if the baby didn’t come out yet. Good luck and hope your baby comes soon!

  21. yes, I was CERTAIN today was the day…multiple times. But each time I got something else ready in my home to meet that new little boy and introduce him to his sister.

    I think, for me, it took those HELLO’s to get me motivated to get the tasks done before his arrival.

  22. I knew I would have a girl. Knew. It. And I did. I scheduled my last day of work for Friday the 12th. I went into labor 7 hours after I walked out that day. My last day. My due date was the 15th, but whenever someone asked I always said the 14th. My daughter was born on the 14th. I don’t know that I am necessarily an intuitive person, but the stars lined up with my child. Now if I could just get her to mind me. Sigh.

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