Haiku Friday

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Haiku Friday: State of the Children

Princess Lollipop.
Still a girl obsessed. With tulle.
Likes to walk the dog.

Arts and crafts maven.
Glue and buttons? Hours of fun.
Also? Stamping Queen.

Just learned how to swing.
Pumps her legs. Holds on tight. Wheeee!
Wears socks with flip-flops.


Giggles, he’s all grins.
As long as he has choo-choos.
Addiction? Pretzels.

Favorite phrase: “Oh, boy.”
“Oh, boy, truck!” “Oh, boy, school bus!”
Second favorite: “No!”

Haircut time brings tears.
Will bear trim for lollipop.
King of sticky hands.


What sweet milestones have your children reached lately? What are their current obsessions? Know any tricks for barbershop success?

Haiku Friday



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  1. Favorite activities around here include painting, getting dirty in the back yard, giving baby sister kisses, stealing toys from one another, screaming/screeching/saying “no” . . .

    My haircut tip: let them have lollipops DURING the haircut. It is messy and results in some hair ingestion, but it has worked for our family.

    • Good idea. And what’s a little hair in the tummy? More fiber!

  2. The memories of what they loved and what they loved to say can really be evocative of the children’s younger years – I’m glad you’ve written it down! I once had to do a linguistics paper on my daughter’s speech patterns at age 4 and just writing down her funny sentences makes me remember more of who she was then than any video we ever recorded!

    Thanks for the Haikus, Stacia!

  3. So funny you ended the post asking for ideas for haircut success – I just took my 19 month-old daughter for hers yesterday (first time) and it was TORTURE. Sheer torture. I ended up having to hold her down on my lap (after we tried a million chairs in the shop) and told the stylist to just cut what she could as I held her head and legs.

    Fun times.

    • I usually have to hold my son still, too, almost like getting shots at the doctor. Breaks my heart a little more each time. This last time, though, my husband bribed him with peppermints. There were still tears but it wasn’t quite so rough. And, oh, the minty fresh breath! =>

  4. Nice haiku! I have become very interested in haiku recently, so, speaking of children’s milestones, I have a 6 year-old who is interested in poetry (yes, a boy, so I’d like to encourage that). He’s been working on a haiku about spring and birds (after I worked hard to convince him that a haiku about poop is probably not very attractive). I love this age but feel bittersweet as the milestones are now more cognitive than physical (e.g., realizing that people lie). This whole week I feel that that has been his new discovery – how the real world works.

    As for cutting hair, I don’t know if it’s feasible, but we used to use a DVD player. I cut my son’s hair at home and we would set up a cartoon on the laptop for him to watch.

  5. Pixie is into her Princess’ as well. That and Play-Doh. Play-Doh can keep her entertained for an hour, easily. Legos are – and hopefully will continue to be – a great joy to Wonderboy. They are my go to “play by yourself” for awhile toys.

    When WB first started getting haircuts I would sit him on my lap and feed him blueberries! Messy, but effective!

  6. I realize that my grasp on reality might be slipping when I say out loud, “If Miss D. would just learn to pump her legs, my life would be so much easier.”

    But she has recently learned to buckle herself into her car seat, and let me tell you, it was AWESOME!

    Advice for barbershop success: Have lollipops, but call them “suckers.” That’s what we do down here, and it’s too funny not to laugh. Suckers. Heh, heh.

    • I think they must have taught her at school. Or the peer pressure from the other self-swinging toddlers got to be too much. She would come home and want to “practice” in the backyard. And the car seat self-buckle? Oh, one glorious day!

  7. Learning how to swing is awesome! 🙂 My son actually just figured that one out at age 9; he was afraid to lean back and pump his legs for the longest time.

  8. My daughter is now picking out her shoes to wear with an outfit. Is that a milestone? And instead of saying cat every time she see our cats, she now calls her favorite one by his name, Mac (short for Macavity – I don’t blame her).

    Milestones are wonderful. It seems like every day, there’s something new. I can barely keep up!

  9. Dear Stacia
    Shouldn’t you be in labour?
    Not writing the haiku.

  10. My son cried at haircuts from the second one EVER until like last month (I think that is two and a half years)… we still have to bribe him with movies. And he still hides the clippers.
    I love your haikus

  11. I have a pretzel addict, too!

  12. Lovely post as always. My three year old has the most unruly curly hair which she does not like anyone to touch, so I am sure everyone wonders why I allow my daughter to walk around sometimes looking like she is wearing dreadlocks her hair is so matted! I cut it myself because I just know a trip to a hair salon would be a nightmare! At three every day brings a new milestone or two or three reached – a new word, new independence in act or belief, it is truly amazing. Being able to propel yourself on a swing is a great one though, I used to love love love playing on the swing as a child. How fun.

  13. I love when you post haikus. you are quite talented at them!

  14. Haircut time:O Crazy in this house:/

    Tulle is HUGE in our house as well:)

  15. We all love haikus here. The winner phrase: “king of sticky hands.”


  16. Haircuts: Put on a long Thomas movie and give him a bowl of candy like M&M’s. (No sticky stuff) Start in the back and work your way forward. I’ve found that my boys were less distracted by the scissors that way and more engrossed in the movie by the time we got to the hair around their face.

    We JUST had haircut night last night. Justin’s long curls are still there, but the ends aren’t NEARLY as frizzy anymore. THANK GOD. It was driving me crazy!

  17. Kate is out of diapers. In one week, we’ve only had one (pee) accident.

    Flora has a loose tooth. And can (almost) whistle!

    Where are my babies??

  18. I am so excited for you. Can’t wait to hear the news. I remember 17-years-ago today. My mucus membrane broke and my first son was born.

    I hope the baby comes today!

    I was just telling Kyle that I didn’t cut his hair for years. He had blond curls down his back. My husband got sick of everyone telling us what a darling girl we had….so we cut his hair.

  19. My four year old loves to swing. She is part of the “pump it up club” at school and is so excited when they swing together.

    My daughter is making her own Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwiches… she loves to “cook”. So I let her cook her own sandwiches. Love the haiku!

  20. My favorite line? “King of sticky hands.” Ah, the joy and the mess.

    Miss M. is obsessed with blowing bubbles and Max and Ruby and mint chocolates. Miss D. favors drawing, the Backyardigans and blueberry muffins.

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