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May 4, 2010 at 5:56 pm | Posted in Giggles, Lollipop, Photo Tuesday | 33 Comments

“If I had my life to live over, I would start barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall.” — Nadine Stair





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  1. Oh my goodness, those little bitty legs.

    How I love the miniature..,

    Thank you..

  2. I love being barefoot. Once the warm weather hits, I really don’t wear socks again, if I can help it.

    Do you live on a lake, or the beach? You have so many scenic photos.

    • Our neighborhood pool opened this weekend. Yippee! Plus, it gets so hot here that there are lots of water playgrounds (“splash parks,” they call them) and hiking trails with wading pools or streams. Anything to cool off!

  3. So,SO sweet!!! Love the picture of little legs in the floatie!!

  4. My kiddos are barefoot all the time. I’ve noticed I’m the only mommy letting them do it:/ People are wound to dang tight in the city.

  5. I have wonderful memories of running around barefoot as a child, but for whatever reason, I don’t often let my son run around barefoot. I’ll have to start doing so.

    The third picture in the pool is fabulous!

  6. There is NOTHING I love more than baby and kiddie feet! These pictures are adorable… I love the second one most. I can feel the chill/excitement in her feet!

  7. Stacia! So good to talk to you tonight. But odd. (The other writers I read never talk back.)

    Didn’t get a chance to wish you good luck with your delivery, but I’ll be thinking of you this week.

  8. Just perfection.

    I can’t wait till our pool opens. We have a water baby and it’s going to be wonderful!

  9. I love the splash park picture. Great shot! Although the best part is that she has the swimmies on her arms JUST IN CASE.

    • Well, they do have frogs in tutus and snorkel masks on them. So they were more of a swimsuit fashion accessory than an actual, you know, safety precaution. =>

  10. Oh, she is so cute! I love her little swimsuit!

  11. Those little legs are going to take them a lot of places.

  12. I heart feetie photos.

    (PS: Good luck this week, if you’re not already in labor!)

    • Not. In. Labor. Ugh. Castor oil, anyone??

      • I tried it twice. A dose Saturday, and a dose Sunday. It was awful. It didn’t work.

  13. Love bare baby feet…precious!!!! And you’ll soon have a new pair to photograph!

  14. Such a precious welcome to warmer weather! Here’s to barefeet!

  15. I love these photos and the quote, but I’ve never been a big barefoot person. On carpet? Great. But outside where there’s all sorts of dirt and creepy crawlies? Not so much.

    I know, I’m weird.

    I’m sending you all sorts of L&D vibes…I’m thinking tomorrow is the day, right after the Mother’s Day event at school.

    Sending big hugs!!

  16. Absolutely Precious!

  17. Wonderful pictures. Bare feet are the best. Since we live in a hot place, we’re mostly barefoot. Go splash!!!

  18. Beautiful! We are not that warm yet, but this gives me a nice anticipatory hum for summer!

  19. I love the feet in the water!

  20. Lovely pictures! I just love those little legs in the pool, it’s a neat perspective!

  21. LOVE the floating feet!

  22. oh to be swimming already!

  23. aww loving loving loving your spring!!
    Have a Fabulous Thursday!!!

  24. Ahh, barefoot is one of the best parts of spring and playing in water!

  25. I’m a big, big fan of barefoot. My feet are nowhere near as cute, though. =^)

  26. OMGoodness- you got to go to the pool already?! I am JEALOUS as I sit here, watching it snow, snow, snow!

  27. Love the pool shot with the little legs hanging down! Adorable.

  28. cute cute cute!

  29. I love all your barefoot photos. Your Springs must be a tad bit warmer than ours and that makes for some beautiful water captures. Nice job!

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