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Haiku Friday: When Spring Springs

Lawnmowers. Achoo!
Mulch by the bag. Seed packets.
Plastic swimming pools.

Polka-dotted arms:
Mosquito bites. Don’t scratch them!
Calamine cure-all.

Sunshine. Doodlebugs.
Ants scoot across tiny toes.
Jays squawk. Children squeal.

Buckets of chalk bits.
Lines, circles, masterpieces.
Pink, dusty britches.

Dinner on the deck.
So giddy, kids just might eat.
Sweet pineapple chins.

The bubble machine.
And the sweetest invention:
Air conditioning.

Has spring sprung at your house? What things mean “spring” for your family? Know any other cures for mosquito-bite itches?


Haiku Friday



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  1. But Dude, where is the picture of the spring baby?! Now that you got to attend the mother’s day tea I feel like you should be FREEEEEEE:)

    • That is an excellent question! I’m thinking at this point he’s got to be a “late bloomer.” Or he’s stubborn. I’m going to go with the former. =>

      (Happy Birthday to your little man!)

  2. You have perfectly captured spring!

  3. Ohhh, has it ever. Spring is so sprung around here that it’s starting to feel like summer. Love those sweet pineapple chins; yesterday it was so warm I was dreaming of dripping watermelon chins.

  4. Looks like the start of a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. Your spring seems so lively – wherever you are. And I don’t mean just the location but with your kids around you, the new discoveries, the joys.

    Maybe Bun would like to present himself as a gift on Mother’s Day? He may be thoughtful and sweet like that 🙂

  5. “Pineapple chins”….love that.

    And sorry to see you’re still waiting. I hope you have an eventful weekend.

  6. When is that new baby going to make an appearance?!? Maybe he will make his appearance on Sunday for a very special Mothers Day. Spring is definitely sprung here and we have been having picnics outside too. For mosquito bites I used the baby hydrocortisone – any time my daughter gets any bite or skin reaction that’s what I use and it is brilliant.

  7. Nothing better than pink, dusty britches. I love it. Enjoy the renewal and the dirt and the warmth of the sun!

  8. Wonderful haikus! And I love the picture of your cup on your belly. Good luck with the little one who’s coming soon!
    I don’t know if it works on mosquito bites, but baking powder and water took away fire ant itches wonderfully.
    I think we’re starting summer down here. Sniff. I already miss being able to be outside all day. But the sprinkler is on. Oops. The sprinkler is still on.

  9. I always love your haikus. What is the delightful looking drink resting on your belly?

    • A pregnant-friendly strawberry daiquiri made by my husband. Yum, yum!

  10. Oh, that pregnant belly. Fits in perfectly with the fertile spring and the coming bloom of summer.


    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  11. Yes, Stacia, when the belly is doubling as a tabletop, it’s time to have the baby! Great pics and Haikus!

  12. At least you’re kicking back with a daiquiri…the other option being hospital food in those weird brown containers on a rollaway cart.

    C’mon, baby!

  13. You described summer so well! At least, it feels like summer already where we are. As long as there is air conditioning, I can take it all on 🙂

  14. Summer/Spring was here yesterday. Daddy took the day off and worked in the yard all day, except when we went to the bike trail with the kids, O. trying out his new two wheeler!! I was so hot, I really began to wonder how I’m going to make it through the ENTIRE summer pregnant. And then I saw that yummy strawberry drink, and thought — oh, that’s how. Lots of frozen virgin thingies. Made NOT by me.

    • Yes, that’s the key … your own personal bartender (and it’s even better if he doubles as a masseuse). =>

  15. You made me feel like spring was here although unfortunately for us it isn’t. It was, but then remembered what time of year it was, and disappeared until June I think.

  16. I just got my first mosquito bite of the season, so this stanza in particular appeals to me:

    Polka-dotted arms:
    Mosquito bites. Don’t scratch them!
    Calamine cure-all.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

  17. I love your beautiful pregnant belly! (although I imagine that you aren’t loving it as much as it gets hotter and no baby has appeared)
    Spring is flowers and breezes and jeans with t-shirts… but only for like a month then it gets TOO HOT here.

  18. So excited. Can’t wait to hear. Something new to talk about next week!

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