His Hands

May 20, 2010 at 2:26 am | Posted in Bun | 38 Comments
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He is 12 days old. Days.
Such a short time. Such a long time.
What was life like before?

His fingers are long and delicate. Like a piano player’s, like his father’s.
Right now, they clutch mine, desperate for contact, connection, comfort.
Soon, they will reach further, to explore, explain, experience.

They will press the shiny keys of an oboe or trumpet or calculator.
They will grip the rough edge of a yellow number two and the leather seams of a baseball.
They will push a lawnmower. (And, one day, a stroller?)

Today, his tiny, wrinkled hand is fisted with hunger.
Tomorrow, with energy, purpose, passion.
Like his heart.





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  1. Little hands. Sigh. Love them.

  2. I forgot how wrinkly newborn hands are. No surprise, as they’ve been soaking in brine for 9+ months, but I’d forgotten.

  3. Oh those little hands. So sweet and precious!

  4. That is beautiful.. the picture and the post.

  5. I’m laughing at Kitch’s brine comment but I’m moved by your post as well.

    And oh that precious hand… Enjoy each wrinkly bit every moment it grasps for yours.

  6. Lovely post. Makes me miss those little, 12 day old hands that held mine. Enjoy that baby.

  7. Awww! So adorable! Congratulations on such a sweet little hand… and the cuteness it’s attached to. =)

  8. oh so sweet what a great pic.

  9. Oh! So beautiful! Congratulations!

  10. What a sweet shot and congratulations.

  11. What I find really magical about baby hands, they are complete, and just how they will always be. Little and yet all the same wrinkles they will have when they are bigger. They are baby, but not. I always found that fascinating. Blogged about my love affair with baby hands once before.

    And oh…you are making the old tick tock beat at high pace.

  12. Just, so, so beautiful!

  13. Beautiful. Congratulations.

  14. Oh just beautiful Stacia, this is definitely one of your best.

  15. Just precious!! Beautiful shot.

  16. That is a wonderful shot and a beautiful post. Congratulations!

  17. What sweet baby hands!! 🙂 Gorgeous capture!

  18. Aww!! So sweet!! I’m so happy for you and him. (and that it IS you. because i’m just not a baby person 😉 but i like pictures!)

  19. Beautiful post. Oh, baby love, so sweet.

  20. Very beautiful. I love how you think ahead to all the things those little hands will do some day. Very, very precious.

  21. So gorgeous. The post and the pic!

  22. You have such a way with words…

  23. Sigh. Makes me want to think of having another. Nahhh… not really. but honestly – this is just precious. Perfect. Gorgeous. Tiny hands and tiny feet are THE BEST.

  24. My ovaries hurt.

  25. Gosh, every bit of this is beautiful!

  26. Beatutiful words. Beautiful photo.

  27. A yellow number 2, a baseball, a lawnmower and a stroller… the journey of a life, in the things we hold.

    All wrapped up in a little hand.

    I felt it all. I feel it all. Love those hands.

  28. Yum yum yum!

  29. LOVELY!

  30. I love little hands and feet! Great shot of a hand with wonderful promise.

  31. How beautiful. I wish they would stay that way. Great photo. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Just lovely. There is so much in those little hands. One day maybe they will hold their own babies 🙂

  33. You have such a lovely way of capturing these moments. I love little hands like that. And the dreams that accompanied the hours I spent staring at them.

    (Not the nails, though. Paper thin but sharp enough to scratch. Ugh. And seriously? Why must they grow so fast?)

  34. Oh, my. He is precious. I love baby fingers, baby toes, baby lips and even those sweet pudgy baby bellies. Congrats!

  35. BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!

  36. I discovered your Blog over at the You Capture link up. I wanted to tell you about The Happiness Project over at my Blog. It’s simple, every Tuesday you just post a photo of something that makes you wildly happy. It’s been so rewarding to meditate each week on what brings me happiness. I would like to invite you to join and link up to Mr. Linky. I am trying to take over the Blogosphere with happiness!

    Here is a link to last weeks round up if you want to check it out!


  37. I love this. Precious. Thanks for sharing.

  38. […] I know personally. Most of them are due in August and September; my coworker gave birth in May; and Stacia gave birth on Mother’s Day; one is due in December (which, technically, I am too); one in January (both Jan. 6 — […]

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