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Haiku Friday: My Fancy Nancy

She drove a blue car.
Confided in Bess and George.
Dated dreamy Ned.

Nancy Drew, of course.
She always had her flashlight,
Her wits, and her pumps.

Cape-less crime-fighter.
Stringing clues together like
Her favorite pearls.

Feminine and smart:
Not mutually exclusive.
That’s what she taught me.

Thick, bright, yellow spines
Still line my shelves. Read, reread.
Lollipop’s turn now.

What books — and heroines — shaped your childhood? Which ones do you hope to share with your children? Did you want to date Ned Nickerson, too?


Haiku Friday

(This post is also part of the inaugural “My Life in Books” meme at Spin Me Write Round.)



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  1. I read so many Nancy Drew books, I but I loved loved loved that fist one (I think the secret of the old clock was the first, right?). I read it countless times 🙂 She was incredible!

  2. I never read Nancy Drew – in England as a child growing up it was all Enid Blyton and the Famous Five. Funny how it is child detectives that capture the imagination so, across the globe.

  3. So many people have told me Nancy Drew. I have never read even one Nancy Drew book, and I think it’s time I dust one off and give it a go. I loved how you did this in Haiku. Simply fabulous!

  4. I loved Nancy Drew. Loved. And she was a redhead. No greater love. I also loved Trixie Belden in a much more accessible way – she was 13, I was 11. You know. She was brave, I was not. I am sad that I don’t have girls to share those girls with – but never fear, The Famous Five will always be there.

  5. Genius. Nancy Drew was the best. I loved her clothes, her car and her gumption. I loved that there was a George among her two best girlfriends (among some family-like friends of ours, George was my nickname. Unrelated, but made me feel ohsocool.) And I loved that my mother had read them as a young girl.

  6. I LOVED Nancy Drew. I did want to date Ned. I collected them as a kid and read them over and over again. There was something comforting about them and even now, when I see a Nancy Drew cover, I smile.

  7. Your “Fancy Nancy” – LOVE that!!!

  8. Oh, Nancy Drew.

    Nancy Drew. Just that cover right there takes me back to summers, hot summers, reading Nancy drew in an unairconditioned bedroom with the window open.


    Thank you!

  9. I’m not sure how I went through life without reading a single Nancy Drew book. It was the Hardy Boys and Famous Five for me. Maybe because where I’m from, we were more heavily influenced by Brit Lit. I don’t know – but it’s not too late. My daughter will take me on this new path, and we will have a great time exploring these new-to-me classics together. After all, she did show me Dr Seuss.

    P.S. One of my all-time favorite female heroine: Anne of Green Gables. Fiery, intelligent redhead who speaks her mind and demands respect? What’s not to like?

    • Oh, I do love “Anne with an e” Shirley! (And that Gilbert Blythe.) =>

  10. One of my all-time favorite titles for a blog post.

    I read some Nancy Drews in my day and enjoyed them, but my favorite girlhood heroine will always be Anne of Green Gables. A reader, writer, teacher, and drama queen who made mistakes but had the best intentions and the most passion? What’s not to love?!

  11. These were perfect little bites. I never read Nancy Drew, but I loved Anne of Green Gables, The Baby Sitters Club, and Sweet Valley High.

    My grandmother recently sent my son a box full of Hardy Boys books. I feel like I must ensure he reads and enjoys them since I missed out on the Nancy Drew love.

  12. My childhood detective was Encyclopedia Brown. Not as sophistocated as you, I guess. Why have I never known Nancy Drew or those Hardy Boys?

    As a teenager I went through an Agatha Christie phase and read nothing but her.

    Then there were hounds and Baskervilles…

    Gotta love detective stories.

    I love your poetry here.

    • Encyclopedia Brown was the best! I vaguely remember an important clue about a swimming pool and a dripping hose…

  13. I used to worship the Drew! I still have boxes of them, yellow-spined, in my mother’s basement. I might have to ask for them back!

  14. Nancy was my hero, and my parents have saved all my old books for me to pass onto my girls. Also important to my childhood were the Narnia books, which I read to Flora when I was pregnant with her. I can’t wait to share my childhood books with my kids!

  15. I never got into Nancy Drew, but when my Daddy sat with me (JUST ME!) and read The Little House in the Big woods, I was hooked. We also loved a series which starts with Swallows and Amazons. And The Hobbit and the Narnia books….and….and…..
    Maybe my little detective will introduce me to Nancy.

  16. I loved Miss Drew, but it was Trixie Belden that stole my heart. I think it was all those brothers that swayed me…

  17. Nancy and Trixe were great, but Laura and Mary were my girls.

  18. So inspired. I am embarrassed to say I’ve never read Nancy Drew. But I have read a Nancy Drew Haiku from you. (Thanks for stopping by on my TMC Featured Blogger day!)

  19. Your haikus always rock! Loved Nancy Drew,wanted to grow up to be her and then I realized I needed to be brave-that nipped it in the bud!

  20. Did you ever read Trixie Beldon? I loved Trixie!

  21. I loved Nancy Drew! I wish that I had kept my copies 😦

  22. Wow, you take me back!
    Nancy Drew kicked major ass.
    Heroine for life.

  23. Great idea for a haiku and post! I remember loving Ramona the Pest, Harriet the Spy and Encyclopedia Brown. Of course, now there are these other characters that my son reads like Nate the Great that I never knew about when I was little (most likely they didn’t exist then!) and some are becoming my favorites too. Then I jumped quickly into Judy Blume books…I won’t be sharing those with my 6 year old any time soon 😉

  24. LOVE Nancy Drew! I ate those books up. Also Anne of Green Gables. Sigh – just thinking about those books makes me want to read them again. I can’t wait until Pixie is old enough to enjoy these with me!

  25. I am so jealous that you still have all your old Nancy’s. I would love to curl up with one of those right now. I still remember the day I discovered my mother’s old Nancy collection at my Grammy’s house. I started reading them right then and there and never stopped. My two favorites were The Mystery of the Tolling Bell and The Haunted Showboat. Man, I love thinking about old books, can’t wait until my girls are ready to read Nancy!

    Thanks for rekindling old memories.

  26. Nancy Drew and Little House on the Prairie were my favorites!!

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