My Summer Fling

June 2, 2010 at 3:45 pm | Posted in Bun, Family, Giggles | 13 Comments
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I’m cheating on my blog.

With this little guy (and his yummy double chin), of course.

But also with another site. It’s pretty serious. In fact, I’ve already shared some deep secrets.

Like this: My son’s latest comfort object … is a Nemo swim diaper.

And this: I’m eating home-cooked meals (and fresh-baked cookies!). Despite being sleep deprived.

Won’t you pop over and meet my new crush? And tell me, what’s your biggest challenge getting to the pool? Have you ever heard of a meal calendar? And isn’t Bun turning into a little roly poly??



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  1. Precious, I’d pick the baby over the blog any day!

  2. I believe he is giving Giggles a run for the chubby award. 8}



  3. Ooh, chubby baby legs. Love them, love them, love them.

  4. Bun is so adorable! Best reason to cheat on a blog that I’ve ever seen!

  5. So adorable! Good choice! 😉

  6. Oh my goodness – I just want to chew on those yummy chubby legs!!

  7. That chin, those cheeks, that belly … too adorable!

  8. Oh those thighs…there is nothing better then chubby baby thighs, and cheeks, and chin, and belly!

  9. Aw, I just want to pinch those little chubby thighs! So cute!!!

  10. Yummy baby! And I didn’t know you were a fellow Texan!
    Enjoy your summer, your meals, your baby!

  11. So cute! Can’t wait to meet him. The meal calendar is a relatively new trend that’s taking off everywhere. This one is my favorite: I set one up for my sister and her husband when he recently had surgery. We didn’t do one with Adriana, but are definitely doing it with kiddo #2.

  12. Welcome to the group! I’m with Chicago Moms Blog!

    Off to read your posts…

  13. I can’t believe this is a newborn, Stacia! He looks glorious! And I went over to your link and commented on your great post over there too!

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