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Last week, I put Lollipop, Giggles, and Husband on a plane. They were bound for South Dakota, ice cream parlors, pizza parlors, time with their grandparents and great-grandparents, and staying up way past their bedtime. I hugged and kissed them goodbye. Then hugged them again.

As they walked into the airport, Giggles carrying his mouse and Lollipop dragging her pink sparkly carry-on bag, I knew they were headed on a grand adventure. I knew they were with the person I trust most in this world to care for them. I knew they would be back in just five days. I only cried a little.

Then There Were Two
I drove home with Bun and sat in my quiet house. I napped in the middle of the afternoon. IΒ made a really long, really ambitious to-do list.

Over the course of the weekend, I sorted toddler clothes a friend had passed along. I washed, dried, folded, and put away laundry … all in the same day. I cleaned my bathroom. I even remembered to take the trash can out to the curb on garbage pick-up day.

I spent two hours at Target, where I browsed the greeting cards instead of grabbing the first decent one. I took boxes of paper and cardboard to the recycling center. I went to the mall.

I accidentally put a pretend cookie from their play kitchen in the washing machine. I rescued a pair of Giggles’s socks from behind the dryer and a matchbox car from under the couch. I noticed Lollipop’s Belle figurine on the living room table. (I left it there and smiled each time I passed by.)

I snuggled with Bun, watched movies on the couch, and indulged in a jar of Nutella. I enjoyed the silence.

Return to Sender
Today, they come home. They will bring piles of dirty laundry with them. Their voices and footsteps will echo off the hardwood floors as they giggle and thunder through the house. They will discard trains and teacups, and I will step on them.

I will once again try to squeeze in a few moments between bottles and board books to crank out a passable blog post. To send birth announcements and write thank-you notes. To catch up on e-mail.

There won’t be enough time for it all. My to-do list will get longer. I will need more sleep than I’m getting.

But my family will be home. Together. Loud. Messy. Perfect.



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  1. It’s funny reading this post and thinking back to when my daughter was a baby and hot it often felt there was no time to do anything, fighting through sleep deprivation as I was. But I guess when you have three young children and find yourself suddenly all alone with just your new baby it seems so relatively easy!

    • That’s exactly what I thought reading this post, Aging Mommy. When I was a mom of one, I felt like I had no free time ever. Just goes to show how perspective changes as our families grow.

      Enjoy your loud, messy, perfect togetherness, Stacia!

    • Me too! I remember when number two came along I thought “what did I used to DO when I just had one?” and same again with number three!

      Stacia, I hope you remembered to add ‘buy vacuum cord’ to that to-do list!

  2. What a great post, Stacia. Sounds like you will all be a bit more refreshed and happy to be all together again. I’m glad you got some “free time” to notice and enjoy some of the little things.

  3. It’s wonderful that you got this break. Not that we need absence to remind us of our fondness for our family, but it certainly helps us appreciate them more when they’re away πŸ™‚

    Funny how you don’t fully realize how life has changed until you get to relive these moments you no longer have. But having a family full of love, raucousness and all, makes it worth it.

  4. Enjoy the homecoming perfection of loud, messy, sticky bodies!

  5. A few days of quiet sounds amazing. I say that now, but I know if it happened I would just be worried about them, wondering what they’re doing, waiting for them to come back.

  6. Those quiet moments sound wonderful, glad you treasured them πŸ™‚ here’s to a happy homecoming!

  7. It’s funny how the world changes when you have kids. I never used to notice the joy of a quiet house, now I revel in it. But I miss the noise.

  8. PS – remember my road trip? Four nights away all by myself? I confess: ALL I thought about was how much I missed the LOML and the Tsunamis. Can’t win.

  9. Oh, enjoy these days. all the craziness of it. I’d like just one more time back in the baby days.

    Those delightful toothless grinning, squealing, baby days…

  10. A full house is so overwhelming and wonderful at the same time.

  11. This is lovely Stacia! So captures the feeling of family with little ones. We need short spaces to catch our breath, even appreciate what we have more. Then back into the fray.

  12. I am in love with your blog. It is the quiet space I need to make me feel/remember why I love being a mother.

    You notice things.

    It is soothing to me.

    The several hours browsing in Target. Yes, I understand. Stepping on teacups, or putting your little one’s toy on the table to be noticed and to induce a smile.

    All the while you enjoyed your quiet and Nutella. This is how I mother. And I love mothering. I love it.

    I am thankful you are here writing.

  13. AS always, another beautifully written post. I hope they had a wonderful trip! Loving that one of your “indulgences” was a jar of Nutella! Love it!

  14. I can so relate! My 10 days of home alone are winding down. SO many things I thought I’d get done (and didn’t), including “rest.” Ha!

    (And then we’re so happy when everyone returns, even with the mess and chaos.)

  15. There’s nothing like a day or two (or five!) of quiet to make you really appreciative of noise.

  16. Loud, messy and perfect. The truth in so few words. You’ll be able to squeeze in that blog post if you keep it as poignant as this!

  17. I think your time alone with your new baby sounds wonderful! You spent it much like I would have, particularly the 2-hour Target adventure!

  18. I am afraid for my eventual time alone. It is looming in the future. Too close.
    Enjoy your freedom now.

  19. beautiful. A balance of silence and craziness is definitely a plus. πŸ™‚ One makes you appreciate the other all the more.

  20. Ahhh… the quiet. How I cherish the quiet. But the “good” kind of noise. The giggles and excitement? I love that too. Glad you had some nice time “alone” and that your family is back together again!

  21. It’s nice to get a chance to miss one’s children! I went to my parents’ house for one night this past weekend with just the baby, and it felt like a vacation. When I just had one baby though, my first, the thought of the car trip, night alone without husband to help with the baby, etc. would have seemed like way too much to take on.

    Sounds like you had a rejuvenating few days!

  22. I’m home alone as I’m reading your blog πŸ™‚ I only have one, and I’m always interested in hearing about what it’s like to have several children. You wrote this beautifully and I love how you ended it, with “perfect.”

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