Train of Thought

June 16, 2010 at 12:58 pm | Posted in Giggles, Lollipop | 22 Comments
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He's thankful this train requires tickets ...

Car. Mommy is at the wheel, driving home from preschool. Two children and a newborn are strapped into their car seats, which are stuffed into the backseat because Mommy refuses to get a minivan.

We just went over train tracks, Mommy.

Train! Choo-choo!

We sure did.

Mommy, let’s go on a train together. Will you ride a train with me?

Train! Choo-choo!

Okay, let’s go.

And we’ll both wear princess dresses on our train.

Train! Choo-choo!

That sounds like fun. Can Giggles come, too?


Train! Choo-choo!

But he has to wear a dress.

[Blink.] … Choo-choo!

... and not tulle.


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  1. I’ll be expecting video footage of that little excursion!

    • He actually doesn’t seem to mind donning a princess dress (if Big Sister’s doing it, it’s gotta be cool). And he loves to clomp around in plastic princess heels. Oh, the glorious noise! =>

  2. That train is so cool! My son would love it – even if it meant he had to wear a dress 🙂

  3. Cute!
    That little train is awesome – looks like fun!

  4. Oooh, nice train! May we join you? Little Miss would love it. Speaking of, what is it with kids and their need for repetition? My daughter repeats “Choo choo!” on the way to daycare and “bus!” on the way back. At least she mixed it up a bit for variety. How nice of her.

  5. Your daughter’s dress comment made me laugh.

  6. Hilarious! My princess went through a no dress phase. She cried when she opened a box and found a pink princess gown. But trains are fun!

  7. What a cute little story. We recently visited the local train park in our area and my daughter said choo choo and giggled all the way home.

  8. Love Giggles’ focus. That one-pointedness will take him far. And what a great mom you are to say “yes.”

  9. Sweet, sweet, sweet. (And impressive, regarding the three car seats in the back.)

  10. Girl – I’m with you! I’d cram three car seats in the back of my CR-V before I’d EVER get a minivan.

  11. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of him running behind the train.

  12. We go to a carnival each year at our synagogue that includes one of those rudimentary “trains!” My kids always loved it, even when it just did circles in the parking lot! Something about a train!

  13. That looks like such a great adventure 🙂

  14. They have a little train like that at the pumpkin farm we visit in the fall – it looks so cute and the children all love it.

    The photo of your son running after the train is just lovely

  15. So, so precious! My 7 yr. old is still obsessed with trains. Such fun pics!

  16. Love it. Trains are awesome – and those pictures are great! I’d like to see you all dressed up as princesses!

  17. So darling. Our best and most fun conversations happen in the car!

  18. I think the only appropriate response to this is: Train! Choo-choo! =)

  19. “But he has to wear a dress too.” LOL

  20. I think you are correct. You would say the same thing to graduates from high school or pre-school. I love this.

  21. Love that train. My little one is in love with tractors … so whatever that ride is, she would totally love it, too. I bet he’d love it even with tulle on!

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