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Haiku Friday: Sucking It Up

Plastic happiness.
Ergonomic. Mostly air.
And BPA free!

The pacifier.
Baby’s first love. Suck, suck, suck.
Listen! Quiet, quiet, quiet.

Goes by many names.
Paci. Binky. Ba. Lolly.
At out house? Nummie.

Only one problem.
Lack of coordination:
No motor control.

When nummie falls out,
All hell breaks loose. Wah, wah, wah!
Stuff it back in! Fast!

Peace restored. For now.
Baby coos, sucks. Mommy sleeps.
A double-edged Nuk.

Did you use a pacifier with your babies? What did you call it? How did you get rid of it??


Haiku Friday



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  1. I mentioned your Haikus on my blog today… I still don’t understand them, but I like them.

    : )

    • Thanks for the virtual shout-out! =>

  2. Nice. I like how you can write about anything.
    Evan never took a “suckie” or “binkie”. But he’ll put everything else in his mouth. I just don’t understand.

  3. I resisted the pacifier with my first kid. (You know, that new mom holier than thou crap. Dumb.)
    With my second I encouraged it. To no avail.
    With my third I practically forced it on her. No go.
    I still have a handful of binkies hanging around here. In the toy bins and under the couch. But they never provided any solace to anyone. Least of all me.

    • Lollipop never wanted one either, despite our best efforts. Giggles was an addict until I “helped” his nummies mysteriously disappear around 18 months. And now Bun seems to like his, hallelujah.

  4. “Plastic Happiness!”

    Love it. In fact, we still celebrate it at our house. My 2.5YO calls it her, “Meow” because it has a cat face on the front. I have yet to address how we’ll get rid of it. Or even think about it, really…

  5. Hoping that New Baby likes a pacifier more than either of my first two. Both only wanted the real thing, if you know what I mean. N. will be heartbroken if she can’t help stick the pacifier in his mouth (germs and all, of course!)

    • Lollipop is just at the stage where she wants to be helpful. (Hallelujah! We are making our way out of the dark, dark tunnel that is the Terrible Threes!) And sometimes I need her help to get the baby settled down, so I’ve let her stick the nummie in occasionally. And every time I think, Please, please, please, no germs!

  6. That was so cute and funny!

    My kids both used pacifiers (or soothers), thank goodness!. My son used his until he was two and a half. He called it his “soo-soo”. We thought we’d NEVER get it away from him. Until he got tonsillitis and it hurt to suck on anything for a week. It went in the garbage that week and never returned.

    My daughter used one too (she called it a “suce” – it’s French), but she was better at giving it up. I told her when she turned two that she’d have to throw it away. It took a few weeks after her 2nd birthday, but she threw it in the garbage herself and never looked back.

  7. Flora didn’t use one.
    Kate did.
    When she turned 2, we gave all her pacifiers (we called them binkies) to the Binky Fairy, who left a “big girl” toy in her place. It went very smoothly. I remember being surprised, and very, very grateful.

  8. My 8 months old twins have those same pacifiers! For my daughter, plastic happiness. I am so glad she can put it in her mouth now! My son, he’s ambivilent unless he’s trying to fall asleep. People ask me if I’m worried about weaning them off, but I’m not. My son already doesn’t need it as much. Babies are born with that suck reflex, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Plus, aren’t you at pro at this by now? 🙂

  9. I called mine an umm umm (like the sound you make when you like what you eat), and still remember when my parents ‘lost’ it. My kids didn’t take one. The first only took me as her comfort, the second wasn’t a big comfort-sucker. But she put everything in her mouth too, like yours Wacky Mummy.

    I love the Haikus eve week!

  10. Fynn wouldn’t take a paci (obviously we call it a paci… ha!) but Paige loved hers. Until one day she didn’t… and I kind of miss it 🙂

  11. My daughter always refused a pacifier but was a great sleeper and a very good baby so we never really felt the need for one (except the one night she was awake and crying all night as a small baby!). She clearly prefers human flesh to plastic as she never would take a bottle either and then she discovered her thumb, which cannot be packed off to the paci fairy and so we are facing some expensive dental bills down the road as by the age of two she had already pushed out her jaw line.

  12. Neither of my boys would ever take a pacifier, but, believe me, there were times when I would have given my left arm for them to take one of those suckers (pun intended).

    Happy weekend! (Since, you know, the weekend is such a time of relief, rest, and relaxation for a new mom.)


  13. My big boy refused a pacifier. My little girl acted like it was a gift straight from God. We wound up taking it — the paci — from her at 10 months just because we didn’t want her to get more attached to it than she already was. We started with paci-free naps and then graduated into paci-free nights. We had to get rid of all pacis because if she laid eyes on one, she had to have it.

  14. Nope I never did the pacifier route… My children chose to suck their thumbs and YES they are still holding on to them at 9 and 7 respectively.. hopefully the twins will not be as stubborn LOL. Although the elder but smaller one is a voracious fingers sucker .. yes I said finger she sucks three on her right hand.

    Have a great weekend.

  15. My son, the rebel,
    Refused a pacifier
    Cried a lot instead.

    I say thank goodness
    For husband the musician,
    Ear plugs plentiful.

  16. We use it. I’m all about using it but at a certain point, like around 12 months, I started cutting back–only for nap and bed. Then, eventually, we gave them to the babies at the daycare. They needed pacies, you see. But I have been lucky–my kids don’t seem as attached as other kids are.

  17. None of my kids took to a pacifier. Not that we didn’t try. My oldest tolerated it for a few months, but that was about it. Loved the haiku, though!

  18. I tried with each one,but none of them really took to it. I spent way too much time trying to get them to keep it in their mouths before I finally gave up! with each one. 🙂

  19. I was against pacifiers as a non-mother. “Why do people do that?” “How can you hear your toddler talk?” “Aren’t their orthodontic concerns?” Ahh, the judgment. Then, I was given one as part of a gift for my oldest, and at about six weeks, she howled, and we couldn’t comfort her, and we gave her the paci…we had to cut the nipple off (“breaking” it) to get it away from her around 2 1/2 . . .because, we couldn’t hear her talk and she wasn’t going to give it up. My second, well she never wanted one. She sucked her thumb for one week, then soothed herself doing something she still does today, with no front teeth, at 6 1/2…we call it “nuh-nuhs”. She pushes her tongue against her front teeth (or where they used to be) and makes a soft clicking sound, usually while kneading someone’s skin (arm fat). My son’s paci experience began in the NICU, and he used his until about a year, then he was disinterested. Glad we didn’t have to “break” his paci to get over the hump. I have started flights with ten paci’s and arrived with one. I have been a slave to pacis for at least 3 1/2 years of my adult life! But…the silence was worth it.

  20. Both my kids loved their pacifiers. (We called them boppies for some weird reason I can’t remember). Unbelievably, at least to me, neither one had too big of an issue giving them up (both were around the 2 to 2.5 range) For Wonderboy we “gave” them to a friend’s new baby, with Pixie I think I just said we “lost” them.
    When WB was little he would have about half a dozen in his crib, so it wasn’t too hard for him to find one in the middle of the night!

  21. Little Miss was never into pacifiers so weaning her off them was not hard. But believe me, it’s not for the lack of trying on our part, to get her hooked because we thought it might have helped her sleeping issues in the initial months. Oh well. Next baby 🙂

    Oh, I love the paci you chose here. And those yummy cheeks. What a tease!

  22. My eldest two used pacifiers almost from day 1. One called it her “fire” and was forced to give it up when she bit a hole in it around 2 years of age. The other had the pacifier fairy come and take her pacifier away one night just before her 3rd birthday. For both, the transition was pretty easy. It took about 1 week for them to not ask for it. My youngest is a thumb sucker and at 3 1/2 I don’t think I have much chance of getting her to stop any time soon.

    By the way, we always called the pacifier a cork, as in, “put the cork in honey so I can get some rest.”

  23. We just called it a soothie in our house, because those were the ones we used (and they never liked anything else). Mine were “OK” with them for about four months, and by the fourth/fifth month, they’d use them to fall asleep, and then spit them out. They kind of outgrew them and moved on with no real issues, probably because they weren’t all that attached. Which was fine by me.

  24. Abby takes a paci only at naptime and bedtime. She will be 2.5 this month so I really need to work on getting rid of it. Had plans to get rid of it at 2, but our pediatric dentist scared me. She said if I got rid of it too soon she would switch to the thumb and that would be worse. I think the Paci Fairy will be visiting our house next month. We are working on potty training in July (going well thankfully), getting rid of paci in August, and moving to big girl bed in Sept. Busy time in the McKay house 🙂

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