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Haiku Friday: Of Thee Icing

Cupcakes from a friend:
A lovely midweek surprise.
Pink deliciousness.

Except. All the crumbs.
A sugary calling card.
Ants: come one, come all.

And sticky fingers.
Messy faces. Icing hair.
More dirty laundry.

I knew what would come:
Dessert-induced energy.
Like toddler Red Bull.

But they grinned. They squealed.
“Cupcakes, Mommy! Please, oh, please!”
So. We ate them. All.

The dogs licked the crumbs.
Canine sweet tooth satisfied.
Take that pesky ants.

Cupcakes on a whim?
Intentional happiness.
Gorgeous icing smiles.


Do you indulge a little sugar high every now and again? What’s your kiddos’ favorite sweet treat? And do you have a canine cleaning crew?? (Be sure to check out more intentional happiness at Jen and Sarah’s.)


Intentional Happiness

Bad Mommy Moments !!!
Haiku Friday



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  1. Oh you hit a sweet spot in Jen’s heart with this one! Cupcakes are a giant source of !!! in her world. !!!

  2. I love cupcakes – an American favorite I have taken to with gusto, much better than little fairy cakes we have in England and cream cheese frosting is to die for (not seen in England either typically). My daughter does not like cakes however or pretty much anything sweet, her only “vice” and a new one at that is chocolate.

  3. Icing hair, yummy!

    The Tsunamis have a penchant for ice cream. Delicious, melty, messy ice cream. It’s only a summer treat in this house so a few months to go…

  4. Pinkalicious!
    I was kind of strict with the first, but this go round… Well, we enjoy ice cream, cake, pretty much all of it. Lollipops and hershey’s chocolate are my big girl’s favorites. But she stops mid -cookie, candy, ice cream cone. I never had that skill.

  5. Mmmmmm cupcakes!! Yum!

  6. This post is timely for me. My family and I are visiting San Diego and we visited a cupcake place called Heavenly Cupcakes. They are soooo good, for adults and children!

  7. I love cupcakes! mmmm yummy :). I think I need one right now.

  8. Love love love cupcakes
    so do my daughter and son. the girls are not so sure yet. if it doesn’t come in a bottle they really lose interest quickly LOL
    My daughter had one just today. She and a friend also had brownies hmmmm no wonder my house was two octaves too high LOL
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Cupcakes? !!! Sarah is so so CORRECT. Also, haiku? Love it. When I was coaching crew we did a Hai-Crew project every spring break. I REGRET not saving every last one of them. There was one about my big, orange Coast Guard suit that was too funny. I remember laughing so hard I nearly fell over. And yet. So. Cupcakes and haiku. A perfect combination.

  10. Icing hair and icing smiles–very !!!

  11. Perfect! I love that cupcakes require intentional happiness.

  12. I could eat your haiku all day long.

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