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July 12, 2010 at 2:17 pm | Posted in Giggles, Lollipop | 23 Comments
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Today, I swam with dolphins.

Today, I was a dolphin. And a mermaid. And a puppy.

Today, I took the bus to the toy store and bought a green dinosaur named Victor.

Today, I danced ballet.

Today, I played hide and seek with fairies.

Today, I worked at a bank. And a library. And a grocery store for princesses.

Today, I built a castle of many colors.

Today, I celebrated a frog’s first birthday. And his third birthday. And his fourth.

Today, I got an invisible butterfly tattoo and drank lemon tea.

Today, I took a vacation to San Francisco and danced with flowers in my hair.

Today, I rode on a train. And an airplane. And a Ferris wheel.

And it’s only Monday. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the week takes me.

Where did you go today? What amazes you most about your child’s imagination? Have you ever shopped at a grocery store for princesses??



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  1. I love Lollipop’s wings – need to file this away for future use. I think my daughter would enjoy being a “b’fie” (butterfly). Or a fairy. Or a hummingbird.

    Little Miss isn’t quite there yet with her imagination, as her obsessions with buses and Elmo these days mean we’re often riding a bus or kissing Elmo and not much else.

    But your list reminds me of the pretend play of my youth. Being an only child, I did a lot of that, and thankfully with an active imagination, I never felt lonely. I even played Monopoly by and with myself. But even then I cheated. Yes. Pretty pathetic, I know.

  2. Oh my, that picture is precious! I love her home-made fairy wings!

    Teva is too little for these adventures yet, but I am lookinmg forward to these days!! So fun!

    Do you think the grocery store for princesses has a preferred member card? (You know, for sales like buy one get one free on glass slippers?)

  3. Some days, I am a mommy dinosaur, and my legs are the nest for my baby.

    Some days, I am Big Sister, with Flora as Little Sister and Kate as The Mom. Dan is The Brother.

    My girls are often animals who play with each other (usually). They go a lot of places, although I haven’t heard about the grocery store for princesses yet.

  4. What beautiful wings and what a wonderful Monday! Fitting a magical life time all into one day, how heavenly. My daughter is not quite at that level of imaginative play as yet but I so look forward to when she is.

  5. Today, I got very confused because when my 3 year old daughter was shouting “Mommy,” she was really talking to her 5 year old brother, who was pretending to be her Mommy.

    (The kids don’t usually include me in their imaginative play, unless they need a cook, butt wiper, mediator).

  6. Those wings are pretty amazing… and my kid will love that I’m stealing this idea.

    I love your kids’ imagination much more than my kids’ imagination. Mine involved being a wolf, a pirate, and a rocket ship architect. The baby goes along with whatever her brother decided, obvs.

  7. We went to Hawaii last week, neither of us has been before. Last year we were often in Egypt. A grocery for princesses? Sounds awesome. Only the finest in Mac n cheese and nuggets?

  8. It sounds like a busy, fun day. Love those wings.

  9. When we went to the grocery store we leap frogged over everything. It was a workout. Life with my little man kept me wiggling while my girl kept me naming the things we leaped. Jump and name. Jump and name.

    I would wonder which would give out first: my thighs or my thesaurus for nomenclature.

  10. Ooohhh… I need to make some of those wings! Perfect!

    Today I watched dozens of cars swim with fish.
    Today I became a grandmother while my daughter married my son and had seven babies (which may be why they looked like a dog, a monkey and a Mr. Potato head.
    Today I was the copilot in a helicopter.

    I guess today really was a good day.

    Wonderful post!

  11. Love this. Imagination is a wonderful thing. I’m still coping with Alla Hoo Hoo the purple forklift driver.

    • Ah, yes, Alla Hoo Hoo with the 128 children, God bless her brave (loony?) soul.

  12. How beautiful and wonderful and amazing. Our adventures, sadly, aren’t nearly as exciting.

  13. Beautiful post. I delight in my children’s imagination everyday. I encourage their worlds of fantasy above all else. Even Albert Einstein, one of the world’s foremost brains, believed “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

  14. That is a BIG day! We go to some pretty outlandish places, but today was fraught with tantrums and grumpiness. Blech. As it is, our biggest adventure was a dance party in the kitchen that ended in a fight over who got to hold mama.

    Tomorrow, I’ll put in a plea for a plane ride, or at least a frog’s birthday party. 🙂

  15. What a cutie! And what a wonderful age. Imagination RULES.

  16. We’re on the same wavelength today — great day here as well, plus a blog post based upon a repeating phrase!

    My four year-old is such a joy right now and I loved this glimpse of your day tripper!

  17. This is one thing I constantly encourage with my daughter: her imagination. She isn’t quite to where Lollipop is, but she is getting there.

  18. There’s nothing like the imagination of a child. My daughter thinks she is a princess everyday. And she is constantly asking if she can kiss a frog…

  19. oh my gosh…that was beautiful. I’m going to write down my day like that, and put it up just to remind me where my time goes…since the look of my home appears that I’m never here!

  20. Sounds like a GREAT way to start the vacation! Have a blast!

  21. Oh Lord, what a day. Nightmare. Sorry, I have no positive words to offer, other than I hope you slept mighty well.

  22. I think it is important to ‘flex’ or ‘stretch’ our imagination muscles – daily. I think that the more we use this ‘muscle,’ the easier it is to imagine things – at will. I’ve noticed that as I’ve written to “Imagine Into Being,” I find it easier to imagine things when I am not writing to the blog. That is, my imagination seems to have expanded since I started using it more.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

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