Haiku Friday

July 16, 2010 at 10:47 am | Posted in Giggles | 21 Comments
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Haiku Friday: Choo-Choo, Pee-Pee

The boy loves his trains.
It’s not wrong to use that, right?
As pee leverage.

Giraffe diapers gone.
In their place: Train underpants.
Three pairs. One big smile.

Thomas and his friends,
They don’t like to be messy.
So stay dry, okay?

Just two weeks in and
he’s sold: He drank my Kool-Aid.
(And then peed it out.)

Errands are a blast.
He says, “Pee!” I say, “Let’s go!”
We do. Drop by drop.

He’s so very pleased,
Shuffling his feet and clapping:
A potty two-step.

My sweet Giggles with
Choo-choos on his chubby cheeks?
A big boy now. Sigh.

How do you interest your kids in potty training? How do you celebrate successes? Is there any other milestone that’s as monumental as this one?


Haiku Friday



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  1. Peer pressure was what worked with Munchie. One day I picked her up at preschool at the same time as another little girl who was being praised for staying dry all day. The teacher said – “Munchie, why don’t you wear panties to school on Monday like Zoe?” So she did. And that was that.

    • I mean daycare, not preschool. (Don’t want you to think it took until age 4!)

  2. what a wonderfully clever way to entice your boy to potty train. Awesome you deserve some applause 🙂

    I am interested to see how my two girls handle potty training I do have at least a year before i give it much thought though!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Well for us it was chocolate – my secret supply of cadbury mini eggs to be precise which was totally decimated BUT it did work and potty training was completed by Day Three. However the mini eggs are still expected as a reward over a month later 🙂

    Lovely post Stacia – it is I admit a little sad to pass yet another big milestone but I know the hardest will be the day my daughter leaves home. Sigh….

    • Cadburys! What a lovely incentive … I must admit that I have a slight Cadbury, um, addiction and probably wouldn’t be willing to share mine with the kiddos. Sad. But true. Yum!

  4. Another lovely Haiku as always!

    My kids were both fairly easy to potty train during the day… it was the nights that seemed to take FOREVER! I have no words of advice, just wishing you lots of luck and dry underpants (and shoes, and floors)! 🙂

  5. We just finished week 1 of potty training. Abby gets a sticker and 3 M&M’s when she goes on the potty. After 2 days she was pretty much day trained. She is also motivated to keep her beloved Minnie Mouse panties dry 🙂 Our struggles are with bedtime (still has to sleep in diaper or pull up during naptime and bedtime) and going #2. She is refusing to #2 on the potty and holds it in. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I am interested in this travel potty you talk about?

    • Yes, #2 is a whole ‘nother ballgame (and a whole ‘nother haiku (or four)). Giggles is not there yet either. And it took Lollipop for*ever* to decide it was acceptable to poop in the potty. That was our first big battle of wills and I finally had to back off and let her tell me when she was ready. I’m going the same route with Giggles, just trying to explain how it should work without being too pushy. We’ll see where that gets us.

      And the training potty? Is magic. I’ve never met a public toilet it didn’t fit on securely on (when the toilet itself is too big for little bottoms). You can also fold it into a little seat if you’re in the car, at the park, on a walk … anywhere with no access to an actual potty. Love mine. Well, I guess it’s *theirs* … =>

      • Where can I find this magic training potty?

      • We got ours at Babies R Us, but Amazon has them, too. And there are several color choices for discerning toddlers!

  6. Oh, it was a nightmare for us. Princess panties, little toys, candy. No panties, pull ups, fancy panties… We tried it all.
    I am so glad Giggles is succeeding!

  7. That picture is so cute 🙂
    With Fynn… he just woke up one day and was ready to do it. Paige has been on again off again on the potty recently (she’ll be two next month, so it’s way early) but I’m not sure how we’ll keep her interest. She’s got a totally different personality than Fynn.
    Wouldn’t it be so much easier if there was one way that worked for all kids?

  8. With my daughter, I gave her little fairies every time she had a successful potty event. She would hold each one of her fairies and associate them with not getting her diaper dirty. We would also read a book about potty training while she was sitting on her little toilet. It wasn’t too bad of experience for us. I am so grateful. Looks as if Giggles is headed in the right direction.

  9. “Pee leverage” – love it.

    I’m a firm believer that when they’re ready, it’ll happen. And not a wee minute before then (sorry about that!) It’s soooo easy to train them when they want it.

  10. I definitely brought out the big girl panties for incentive.

  11. Congrats!!!!!
    TinkerBell underwear worked well for us. We’ve had so many set backs lately. The Toddler gets so distracted and pees just a little all the time. It drives me nuts!

  12. Ah yes, the lure of character underwear! It’s fun, isn’t it? Wonderboy wasn’t too hard – but Pixie was a tough one. Was not interested in the least. But when she did become interested, she became a superstar. And now we are totally diaper free, it’s a whole new world!

  13. Stay dry.

    • Here’s to hoping!

  14. I guess after potty training it’s just school and lost teeth. Now that I think about it, potty training (or potty trained) is the beginning of “the end” of all the super-duper parenting. You’ll soon be onto learning to take your hands off the handlebars and let them ride solo. (Geez, that sounds a little sad, doesn’t it?)

  15. This is exciting! Glad I can follow and learn more about blogging world! XO

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