Haiku Friday

July 23, 2010 at 12:15 am | Posted in Family, Giggles, Lollipop | 16 Comments
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Haiku Friday: Go Fish

Took the kids fishing.
A summer rite of passage:
Cast that line. And wait.

No nightcrawlers here.
These fish? They prefer hot dogs.
(Hold the ketchup please.)

Hot dog on a hook?
Watch that bobber disappear.
And then reel ’em in.

Feel their slimy scales.
Laugh when their tail fins smack Dad.
Watch them swim away.

Time for bed? No way.
Dusk is fish-catching time, Mom.
Mosquito bites? Where??

Dirt in our socks and
Hair shellacked to our foreheads —
Totally worth it.

What summertime rites of passage does your family enjoy? Ever taken the kids fishing? And do the fish in your lake enjoy hot dogs, too??


Haiku Friday



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  1. these are breathe taking!

  2. Fish that eat hot dogs? Awesome! Saucy fish that splash dad? Double awesome.

  3. I love it! 🙂 I’ve actually never been fishing… but my father in law is dying to take us all… maybe next summer!

  4. Sounds wonderful – great photo.

  5. The only thing that’s stopping me from fishing is the whole wormy bait thing but heck, with hot dogs? I can totally do that! It sounds a little weird, but then again, who doesn’t love hot dogs? Can’t say I blame the fish.

  6. This is awesome.

    Huh. Fishing. We haven’t done that yet. Perhaps we’ll have to add it to THE LIST this summer!

  7. I ahven’t been fishing in forever. When I was a kid we went all the time because we had a boat on Lake Eerie. I miss it. We will definitely have to take Teva when she’s a little older.

  8. You are so good at this! I am not a fisher, but the Mountain Man and Javi love to do it while “man camping.” I’m sure Bella will enjoy it when she gets past the stage of wanting to splash and play in any body of water.

    Our summer rite of passage is going out on the boat. Wakeboarding, tubing, jumping of the side. It is “summer” for us.

  9. I love Haiku Friday. “Hold the ketchup please?” Had me giggling!

  10. Our summer rite of passage: running away from Arizona to the San Diego area and laying on the beach like washed up whales for a few days! Hopefully it will be warm. We leave on Wednesday!

  11. I used to go fishing with my Dad. So fun. Wonderboy went with my Father-In-Law not long ago and had a blast. Now that I know about hot dog bait…we may have to go again soon!

  12. Clever you, I would love to be able to create such delicious mouthfuls of lovely words.

    PS – I hate fishing. See, even something I hate you make me love.

  13. “hair shellacked to foreheads”

    pure beautiful and visual.. loved this.

  14. This is great! We haven’t taken the boys fishing yet – waiting until Mr3 can swim cos I just know he’ll end up in the drink!

  15. I haven’t taken my children fishing yet although I dont think they do much fishing over here as a hobby.
    Our favourite summer ritual is going to zoo strange enough. Every summer without fail we take a trek around the tiny little compound they call the zoo over here and every year my honeys enjoy it LOL

  16. Oh I love this one! As you know we are a fishing family too!

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