Photo Tuesday

July 27, 2010 at 9:00 pm | Posted in Giggles, Photo Tuesday | 26 Comments
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Play is the exultation of the possible.” — Martin Buber





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  1. What fun! My children love a piece of chalk and a blank slate. Your photos have a lovely light to them. I want to reach in and chalk away too.

  2. Beautiful shots. I noticed the light, too.

  3. These are beautiful, beautiful photographs.

  4. I love your little picasso, drawing on the tiles!

  5. I think I loved sidewalk chalk as much as my kids did when they were little!

  6. Gorgeous pics, Stacia. I love watching kids play, as it’s the very definition of “endless possibilities”.

    Cute dino shirt too. I’m going to look for one for my Little Miss – she’s into them now.

  7. Amazing how the simplest things remain the best, generation after generation. Chalk. Drawing. Touch.

    Beautiful pictures.

  8. I’m with BLW: best things are timeless. And I’ll add jacks to the list.

  9. How much did that sweet baby love being able to draw on the floor? We had to take away sidewalk chalk because our baby prefers coloring herself and her clothes to anything else.

    Gorgeous shots!

  10. so sweet. 🙂

  11. Love that quote! Cute shots! 🙂

  12. oh how sweet my little man loves to color with chalk also.

  13. These are beautiful! I really like that still-life in the middle. Also: indoor chalk-drawing is brilliant. Just too hot outside!

  14. I’m liking the drawing on the floor with chalk. My mom would have shot us if we’d attempted that one as kids 😉

  15. Simplicity is wonderful for creativity.

  16. I just took care of my cousins for the weekend and we had 3-d sidewalk chalk it was a big hit!

  17. Very sweet.

  18. what is that cute chalkboard tile thingy? i heart it!

  19. I love child’s play!

  20. Sweet photos and great quote!

  21. These are great photos! I just bought my kiddo his first set of sidewalk chalk, so I can’t wait for the sidewalk to cool off so I can take him outside!

    Found your link on You Capture. Just thought I’d say hello!

    Barely Mommy

  22. So sweet!

  23. Lovely. Love the close up shots.

  24. These are darling!

  25. So intent and focused. What a beautiful child and beautiful pictures!

  26. I really love those photos!! great job!! 🙂

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