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Haiku Friday: How Does My Garden Grow?

Homegrown tomatoes.
So red. So ripe. So many bugs.
And birds. Oh, the birds!

Scat! Shoo! Get away!
Protect tiny yellow buds
And those fledgling fruits.

Water. Sun. Water.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Then …
Harvest. Eat. Enjoy.

Scour cookbooks. Google.
What to do with bumper crop?
Don’t want to waste them.

Daddy likes them plain.
Me? Salsa and bruschetta.
Kiddos won’t touch ’em.

The crop starts to wane
Just in time. Here comes fall, and
We’re tomatoed out.

What are you harvesting this summer? Have you served up anything homegrown and delicious? How’d you get your kids to eat it??


Haiku Friday



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  1. Holy tomatoes! Look at you and your green thumb! I’m so envious. It’s my favorite time of year because of tomatoes and to have a harvest like that? Wow! Happy tomato’ing 🙂

    Good job lady.

    • My thumb is really more blackish-green. We plant a lot of stuff each year and usually end up with only one or two things that grow. (Maybe because it’s a thousand degrees here?) But this year is a tomato year. Hooray!

  2. Beautiful harvest you have there! We just found a guy up the street selling his tomatoes for rock-bottom prices (he gave me like 15 for $1!). Throw them in (in chunks) with olive oil, sauteed onion & garlic, and a small can of tomato paste, and you’ll have great sauce. Also, add salt and herbs to taste. Freeze!

    • I do believe we have several containers of Shelby’s Delicious Spaghetti Sauce in our freezer. =>

  3. I love a good tomato and blue cheese salad 🙂 Yum! My mouth is watering just thinking of that…
    But salsa and bruschetta are good options as well…

  4. Beautiful crop! We have accidental black eyed peas. They have been thrown to the four winds, so we’ll likely have more. And my basil from last year seeded itself, three new plants grew this spring! Yum.

    • Our basil finally kicked the bucket. Sad. But it had served us well for many years, despite our consistent, accidental neglect. I will miss my homemade pesto, though!

  5. Sadly, no garden this year. But I have grand plans for a section of my yard. Oh yes, I do…

  6. Mmmm, love me some summer tomatoes! We did several different kinds this year, and peppers and strawberries and blackberries and squash and pole beans and carrots (which didn’t grow) and lettuce (which no one but me ate) and sunflowers to keep the birds busy and away from the stuff we liked. Oh, and two pots of herbs (basil and mozzarella and tomato, ohmy).

    Sigh. I’m sick of watering. I’m sick of weeding. I’m ready for fall.

    But those sure were good tomatoes!

    Love your Haiku!

  7. Mmm, yummy garden-fresh tomatoes… in anything! Bruschetta sounds really good!

    I can’t get my son to eat anything! My daughter will try anything, and LOVES tomatoes. She’ll just eat them like an apple! Enjoy! 😉

    • It took me many, many years to finally like tomatoes, but I still can’t eat them like an apple. Wow! =>

  8. Have to say we do not have a green thumb. So no garden LOL
    My children stay clear of tomatoes as well
    BUT they love lettuce go figure
    Have a great weekend

  9. Unfortunately, with an infant I decided against a garden this year and I am sad. I miss delivering home grown tomatoes to the neighbors. I think I will make up for it next year with a bigger better garden. I’ve been wanting to grow pumpkin and zuchini for years (in addition to the usual tomatoes, peppers, and herbs)….I think I’ll go for it.

    I think this also requires learning to can. So I can contain all that summery fresh goodness for the beak winter months. Do you can? I hope it isn’t hard.

  10. I’m jealous!!
    So far we have “harvested” 3 beans. Like 3 individual beans, not 3 bean plants. And my tomatoes are still green. So I would like some of yours, in a toasted sandwich with a bit of mayo. Thanks.

  11. I have yet to be brave enough to consider starting a garden. We thought about it this spring,and then realized the work, and quickly moved on! But I’d love to do it with the kids. Maybe, just maybe I’ll be brave enough next year.

  12. This made me laugh. I’m currently looking for a book entitled ‘1001 uses for Spinach’. Let me know if you find it. 🙂

  13. I made a yummy roasted tomato sauce last week with mine. Cut in half, put on baking sheet lined with foil along with some cloves of garlic, drizzle with oil, and roast at 400 until they are all brown and yummy. Smoosh up and add kalamata olives and balsamic. Good on chicken or with pasta. Yum. Making more today!

  14. Last year we tried to do grape tomatoes and they flaked on us. We never pulled the plant, and this year they came back with a vengeance and I’ve been snacking on them all summer. They’re so good.

  15. Nice harvest!
    I have no problem using up our tomatoes, but when inundated, I roast (cut them in half, cut side down on a cookie tray, drizzle with olive oil, garlic, salt and a pinch of sugar) on high heat until the tomatoes collapse. Then blend and freeze for the most awesome tomato sauce.

  16. Oh, I wish! Lovely as usual. Our garden is buried under piles of displaced dirt and scrap lumber. Next year, I hope. In the meantime, our wild plum trees weren’t casualties of our construction, and they’ll soon be ready to pick and cook into jelly. Can’t wait.

  17. Unfortunately our tomatoes died at the hands (mouths?) of armyworms. The whole town was infested with them. And the extreme heat did in the rest of our crops. Luckily we got 2 great watermelons, 3 sorta great cantaloupes, 3 zucchini, and a bucket of basil along with maybe 5 lbs of cherry tomatoes. It was worth it though as now the chickens are eating the hell out of the beat-down garden leftovers. Nothing is going to waste!

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