Haiku Friday

September 10, 2010 at 2:41 pm | Posted in Haiku Friday, Lollipop | 12 Comments
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Haiku Friday: Happy Feet

She wakes up ready,
Tutu on and tap shoes packed.
Dance class is today.

Shuffle, shuffle, step,
She watches herself in the
Studio mirror.

With every wobbly
Ball-change, she sees the skill and
Grace she’ll one day have.

She skips and spins and
Pirouettes, her smile as deep
As her grand plié.

She is happiness
Embodied in shimmery
Wisps of rose-pink tulle.

With twirls and ta-das,
Class ends. She packs up, planning
Her playroom encore.

What activities does your child enjoy the most? Can you pirouette? And does a tutu fanatic live at your house, too?


Haiku Friday



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  1. Lovely post Stacia – I love the line about every wobbly ball change preceding the grace and skill she will one day have. It is so nice when you find an activity that they really enjoy doing.

  2. I did gymnastics and dance when I was growing up. Always had a lot of fun. I loved the costumes we got to wear for recitals. They were the best. Tulle and sequins galore.

  3. Pixie did gymnastics last Spring and is very excited to be starting again next week. Wonderboy also decided that he wanted to try it and had his first class a couple of days ago. He really liked it – I’m so pleased! I took gymnastics for years, until I got too tall.

    I know Pixie would love to take ballet – but right now it’s not in our budget, hopefully in the Spring!

    I love, “her smile as deep
    As her grand plié.”

  4. “…shimmery wisps of rose-pink tulle” made me smile.

  5. You had me at the photo… then what a lovely poem.

    DuckyBoy is on-again, off-again with gymnastics. When it gets hard, he wants out — he’s a recreational-only guy.

  6. Sweet… I love this stage that Corinne is in, too…

  7. Oh, those “wisps of rose-pink tulle.” My boy is more into bucket loaders, though he does have a chicken costume he likes to put on and occasionally dance in. I remember being that tutu fanatic – loved dance class, and spent several consecutive Halloweens as a ballerina.

  8. So fun!

  9. It is so nice you had such lovely words. When I woke this morning and posted the photo nothing would come out.

  10. My baby girl has no fewer than ten tutus waiting for her. Hard for me to believe that she’ll be standing on those chubby legs before I know it and, eventually, dancing.

    “. . . planning / Her playroom encore.” Lovely.

  11. I adore your Haikus, every single one.

    My girls love a dance but so far haven’t been that into learning in a a class. x

  12. Sweet sweet sweet.
    Our second class is coming up.
    More buns and slippers and plies. Love.

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