Trick and Treat

September 13, 2010 at 9:33 pm | Posted in Giggles | 20 Comments
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“Punnnkinnnnn!” “Orange punnnkinnnnn!”

Giggles eased up to me at the kitchen table and grinned. He was holding one of the wooden jack-o-lanterns I had put out the night before as I decked our halls for my favorite season — fall.

“Punnnkinnnnn!” He practically screeched the word, pure and simple happiness coating each syllable like the shellac on a candy corn.

I looked up from the laptop and smiled absentmindedly at him. Then I saw his shining face and his fingers, practically quivering as they gripped the edges of the wooden pumpkin. His glee pulled me from the snare of the glowing screen and into his world, into that moment, into the present.

I felt like a little kid again. So I grinned. And I screeched right back.

“Pummmpkinnnnn!” “Orange pummmpkinnnnn!”

His eyes got big. He looked up at me, shocked. He tilted his head and squeezed one eye shut. Mommy’s using her loud voice? I could see him thinking. But she never uses her loud voice … Is she upset??

He thought about it for a minute. And then he smiled like I’ve never seen, beaming even brighter than the jack-o-lantern he was clutching. The kid was giddy, from the tips of his ears to the tops of his toes.

He laughed and jumped and twirled and screamed. “Punnnkinnnnn!”

And I yelled right back. Over and over, we echoed each other, issuing our loud invitation to all of Halloween’s friendly sprites and spooks: The haunting season is here. Come on in!

But it was also an invitation to me. An invitation to let down my mom-ponytail and play. Really play. To yell, stomp, giggle, and throw caution and quiet to the wind. It was a chance to trick my more dignified self into having a little fun. And to treat my son to a side of his mommy he rarely sees.

It was the mothering yin and yang I so often seek and so rarely find, a trick and a treat, perfect and orange-y tinted …


What (or who) screams fall at your house? What makes your child light up like a jack-o-lantern? Have you ever unleashed your inner child?



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  1. Cute! But if I ever did that, he would never stop. 😀

  2. I live for these moments. It take a lot for me to stop THINKING all the time and just BE. But my children can get me there faster than anyone. The pretend walkie-talkie talks, the calls of ahoy as we sail on our pirate ship, the ‘oh nos’ when Petri gets trapped in The Land Before Time (which we live next door to, lucky us!). I love them all. I just wish I could let my hair down and shout to the wind more often. The Mum in me gets in the way. x

  3. Don’t you just love moments like that? I had one with my son at lunch today, I changed the words to the Itsy Bitsy Spider, which resulted in the biggest belly laughs ever. Before I knew it, I was laughing too, and singing the same line over and over, just to hear his laughter.

  4. Oh, I love it when playful mommy comes out. She can’t be keeping all those ducks in a row always! I love jackolanterns. Hooray for fall! Except it’s too damn hot.

    • Yes, Kate, I always put my fall decorations out at the beginning of September as my way of telling summer what I really think of it. =>

  5. There’s just something about playing with mommy, right? Do I have to go kill the bad guys “invading the U.S.” on the Xbox to find out if this is fun for my son? Please, no. 🙂

    • Yes, Linda, video games fall solely in Daddy’s realm at our house!

  6. We do it too every once in a while, screech away and just have fun. It’s freeing isn’t it, to just be like them and enjoy life. This is our favourite time of year too, and you’ve just reminded me that I need to get decorating. Time slips by too fast!

  7. I love making my girls laugh when they expect me to yell or reprimand them. I need to remember to be more silly with them.

    Flora’s already dug out her Halloween costume, and now I have to track one down for Kate. She grew out of last year’s, not surprisingly. Fall is about birthdays, Halloween, and school, and we love it!

  8. How cute is that story? Made me smile. I adore fall. And Halloween. It totally brings the little kid out in me.

  9. Smiles are elicited from all when Daddy and Mummy are being silly warms my heart every time 🙂

    But we are in stiff competition with the remote control all four of them BEAM whenever it is in sight LOL

  10. I try to keep it silly for my little one. We have impromptu hide and seek games, screaming matches and coloring time. It’s these moments that we all going to remember.

  11. We have a lot of goofy time around here. With a three year old, screaming and romping and excitement is all in a days play. I do try to join in with her. Since I am her most common playmate, I don’t want to be too staid. Sometimes its hard, but seeing her face glowing with laughter is the greatest reward.

    And YAY, love fall! I will be dragging out my Halloween decor tomorrow!

  12. cute:). There really does seem to be a switch that I have to turn off and on to be more playful and childlike. A definite letting go of caution and trying to just be silly. They love it when i do it, but it takes effort on my part, so it doesn’t always happen.

  13. One of my closest high school friends was one of six kids. At her baby shower, my friend’s mom told me something along these lines, “All of my kids are grown up. I wish I had ENJOYED them more. I wish I would have had more fun.” I often think of that comment. Sadly, I don’t always remember to have fun, but I’m working on it. Here’s to seeking out the fun, mommy moments whenever we can!

  14. We bought little tiny pumpkins recently. Love those. Halloween has always been one of my favorite “holidays.” Dressing up and candy? I’m there.

    I got to have one of those moments with WB when we were on vacation. Long-story-short, I picked him up and threatened to drop him in the ocean when we were in our clothes. It was probably the most unexpected thing I have ever done where he is concerned. It was awesome.

  15. Wow – you are a seasonal decorator huh? I really need to start doing that. Maybe my daughter will actually start recognizing the change of seasons, although she may be a little too young for that now. Perhaps next year…

    Right now I can’t believe it’s already time to think about her Halloween costume. I have to admit, it’s a holiday that meant nothing to me until she came along. No surprised there really. It’s amazing that in giving birth to a new life, we sometimes also rebirth our own.

    • Just Halloween and Christmas decorations, for my favorite stretch of the year. And I do have one lone Valentine’s Day decoration that was a gift and usually manages to be on display year-round because I can never remember to put it away!

  16. I have a ton of seasonal decorations stored away and just as many grand plans to put them out when it’s clear we’ve entered into fall, and then suddenly, Christmas is rearing its head and I wonder where the time has gone (and promise the boys that next year I’ll get all the pumpkins they like out)!

  17. Yay for playful mommy and yay for fall! Halloween has to be one of the most fun holidays.

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