Knock Knock

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Lollipop: “Knock knock.”
Daddy: “Who’s there?”
Lollipop: “Orange.”
Daddy: “Orange who?”
Lollipop: “Orange you glad I didn’t say apple?”


Giggles: “Knock knock.”
Daddy: “Who’s there?”
Giggles: “It’s me!”


Oh, the difference a year makes. In height, in tantrum frequency, in sense of humor. The joke must be on me, though — they both cracked me up.

What abstract ideas have you seen one child “get” before another? What’s your child’s favorite joke? And what’s yours?



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  1. My daughter, at ten, has had some very interesting theological discussions with me and I’ve been very grateful that it was me in the car (all discussions, somehow, always occur in the car) instead of my husband. I’m a little better on the whole Jewish thing than him!

    Then, she was asking me about my mother’s experiences during the Holocaust (okay then, I guess she’s ready for that…) and she asked me some questions like she was a tough journalist, things I hadn’t even asked my mother when interviewing her!

    So here’s what I know: my daughter’s smarter than me. 🙂

  2. so sweet and precious :).

  3. Knock knock jokes are always a hit around this house, although my older two have (sadly) outgrown them. Potty humor will always be in style, though 🙂

  4. Fynn’s starting to “get” jokes 🙂
    Yesterday we laughed for half an hour, asking each other “now what??” and replying “chicken butt!!” hysterical!

  5. My daughter’s not quite at the joke-making and joke-comprehending stage, but she cracks me up all the same even when she’s serious. Does that count? 🙂

  6. My favorite:

    Munchie: Knock knock.
    Me: Who’s there?
    Munchie: Interrupting cow.
    Me: Interrupting c-
    Munchie: MOOOOOOO!

  7. My daughter loves the “orange you glad…” joke! 🙂 She loves any knock-knock joke.
    Here’s another one:

    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    Cow who?
    Cows say MOO, not who!

    or this one:

    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    Boo hoo?
    Don’t cry, it’s just a joke!

    Oh, I could go on and on! LOL! 😀

  8. Kid humor is the best, whether it belongs to the toddler who doesn’t quite get it or the four-year-old who really does. Jack loves to tell “jokes,” which could amount to a question or a statement about anything, really – example: “Does Mr. Rickey have fish?” – followed by, “Sorry, that was my joke. hahahaha.”
    (Still working on sorry, too.)

  9. Tee hee! What I love is my 5 y.o. cracks up my baby with poorly told jokes. The interrupting cow, she doesn’t interrupt here. But every time, there is hysterical giggles.

  10. Oh my, that was the cutest thing ever!!!

  11. This is such a cute post – Giggle’s attempt at a knock, knock made me laugh, so GOOD JOKE little one!!

    I was just talking to LOML about this last night! We were marvelling at the simply fabulous sense of humour that both Maxi-Taxi and Cappers have. They really just ‘get’ the joke and are so happy to laugh at themselves. Thank goodness. Could it be any other way? x

  12. My guys love jokes. Mr3 makes up his own punchlines, which are generally hilarious for being so off-beat. Mr6 loves knock knock jokes. Our favourite:

    Knock Knock
    Whos’ there?
    Theresa who?
    Theresa Green, didn’t you know?

    Our green car is called Theresa. Now you know why.

  13. I LOVE Giggles’ joke… so cute!

  14. My favorite lately is how we play “20 questions” and we take turn picking an animal, whose name we keep very hush hush, while the others ask questions.

    So Rose says “Okay I got my animal. It’s an animal like a heron. I mean it IS a heron!”

  15. I loved it when my boys were little and they’d get the punch line all mixed up when telling a joke, and they’d still think they were hilarious and so did I. Great memories.

  16. Lollipop is a girl after my heart. My wee one is loving this joke right now, except she says “Orange that I love to eat!” When we try to get her to say the first part of the joke, she yells out, “okay, okay. bananas that I love to eat too!”

  17. The most recent joke by the WB that made me laugh out loud was this:

    Why did the bunny cross the road?

    Because the chicken stole his Easter eggs.

    Pixie then follows up with something along these lines:

    Why did the bunny cross the road?

    Because he had a dog bowl!

    Budding improv girl, that one.

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