Haiku Friday

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Haiku Friday: Silence is Golden

Childhood’s mythical
Creatures: mermaids, unicorns,
Elves, and the quiet voice.

Lots of chances to
Practice — waiting rooms, weddings,
Lines, planes, you name it.

A skill in progress,
Like drinking from a cup and
Wiping you-know-where.

Mommy’s on the phone.
Quiet, all right, guys? “HE PUSHED MEEEEEE!”
My stare speaks volumes.

Baby’s asleep. Shhhhhh!
Let’s not wake him. And no loud
goldfish crunches please.

“A TRUCK BOOK!” Yes, but
Whisper in the library,
Okay? … “Trucks, Mom, trucks!”

You’re doing such a
Good job using your quiet voice!
Keep it up, kiddos!

They are proud. And loud. So loud.
We’ll get it next time.

Has your child found that elusive quiet voice? Or maybe a unicorn?


Haiku Friday



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  1. Your haikus get me every time. What a wonderful thing to write about. I had never even considered that childhood offers ‘lots of chances to practice’ The Quiet Voice.

    Mine have not mastered it. Quite the contrary (and something that makes me giggle) is that when they spend Fridays with their Nonna and Nonno, who are both a little deaf, they come home SHOUTING in what I call their Nonni Voice. It takes them at least until mid-Saturday to realise that they don’t have to be quite so loud!! x

  2. No unicorns and no quiet voice. In fact, when I shush her, she stage whispers, “Why are you telling me SHHHHHH?” When I talk to her in a quiet voice to set the example, she stage whispers “I can’t hear you when you talk like that, mama!”

    We’ve decided to avoid the places where stage-whispering toddlers aren’t appreciated.

  3. LOL. This is awesome.

    When scoping out a restaurant for dinner, we used to ask what time they close, and if it’s pretty quiet/intimate. Now, it’s “what time do you open?”, “is there alcohol? if not can we please bring our own” and “is it loud? Like really loud?” – just so the others can drown out the happy screeches of our daughter.

    So yeah, the quiet voice? She’s not quite there. By a LONG shot.

  4. Alas, my first-born has never developed her quiet voice.

  5. Sometimes I have to, sheepishly, tell my kids to “please stop talking, just for three minutes.” It is so loud in my house.

  6. Big smile here. (I do believe we’ve had that very conversation at the library.)

    My 3-year old learned how to whisper when the boys started sharing a room, but his whisper is actually louder than his regular speaking voice so it doesn’t do us much good. Maybe he’s ready for a career on the stage.

  7. LoL mine are still trying to find it they do enjoy the chase though LOL

  8. Maybe once unicorns are found it will be found out that they stole all the quiet voices. I swear, me picking up the phone in another part of the house to make a call sets my boy’s spidey senses tingling and makes him come running and yelling to me.

  9. This is why you get paid the big bucks 🙂 Love your haiku. Love unicorns. All is good.

  10. Wonderboy is SO LOUD. I’m constantly “Shush!”-ing him. On the other hand, Pixie speaks so quietly I have to tell her to, “Speak up!”

    But the phone thing? What is it with every kid and the phone??

  11. Ha! Yes! The loud voice!!

  12. What is this “quiet voice” of which you speak? I’m not sure we even achieve silence at night when the kids are asleep — there’s still the crackling of the baby monitors.

  13. My little one is loud and proud with everything she does. Its natural exuberance I tell myself, but often times I ask her to use her “library” voice. Ironically, we have only gone to library few times, because she is so loud when we go.

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