Haiku Friday

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Haiku Friday: Wake Me Up Before We Go-Go

Alarm clock rings and
I hit snooze three times before
I know it. We’re late!

Just a couple of
Hours since I was up with the
Baby. Ugh. So tired.

Shower time. I wish
For caffeinated soap. Nope.
All clean but still beat.

Then comes the mad rush:
Kids up, clothes on, potty break,
Baby changed, dogs out …

… Dogs in, cat out, socks
Matched, shoes found, cat in, cat out,
(Damn cat!), tangles brushed …

… Kids buckled, breakfast
Doled out, Cheerios spilled, tears
Shed, food shared, all’s well.

Off we go, behind
The school bus. Wait, wait, tick, tick.
Off we go for real.

Red lights, traffic jams,
Shoes fall off, noses drip, songs
Requested and sung.

We laugh, whine, wail, punch,
Crunch, purell, and park. Preschool:
Minutes to spare. Breeeeeeeeaaaaaathe.

How do you handle the morning rush? What item gets left behind most often? And do you have a Cheerio graveyard on your floorboard, too?


Haiku Friday



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  1. Fab! Perfectly captures the craziness! I handle the three tsunamis out the door by 7.30am and 3 separate drop offs before work with calm, organised precision. HHHHAAAAHHHHAAAA*/;:4#5624#!'” Sorry, lost it for a moment there. I’m okay, I’m okay. x

  2. Whew! I feel so tired reading about your morning rush, that I might have to call in sick to mine tomorrow. Except there is no calling in sick when you are mommy (especially homeschooling mommy!)

  3. Loved it! The perfect wrap-up of our hectic mornings. Ugh, mornings. How I loathe them. Except on the weekends. 🙂

  4. Awesome. Really like the idea with the haiku. “I wish for caffeinated soap” is the best.

    The floor of our Burb looks like what was swept up at the Cheerios factory at the end of the week. I’m not sure our kids eat.

    Terrific writing.

    Chase McFadden


  5. My car is currently a biohazard. We’re going to clean it out as a family this weekend, then I will tell the kids (again) we’re not eating in the car unless we’re on a very long trip…until we need to get somewhere quickly…

    The days I get up, have coffee, and get organized before everyone else wakes are pristine. Lately, though, I just can’t do it!

  6. Dude, caffeinated soap is genius. Get working on that! You’ll make a bazillion dollars.

  7. This is why I leave the bulk of the morning to my husband! Thanks, husband!

    Not really. We kind of tag team mornings.

    I get up, pack lunches, get myself ready, and try to get everyone else out of bed. Some days I do school drop off, and I love those days, but I stress about being late to work. I prefer Dan to be the drop off person. No one in my house is a morning person, which makes this time especially rough!

  8. Couldn’t help reading this in fast motion! Great post.

  9. Loved this! It is hard enough getting to preschool with one small child so I cannot imagine achieving it with three. We have a goldfish graveyard in our car instead of cheerios 🙂

  10. I am very lucky to not have the morning rush. I remember it, though, and you describe it perfectly.

  11. Oh, man. Cheerios, goldfish, grapes, spilled milk, castaway toys – you name it, there it lies in the floorboard. I have no excuse for my early-morning rush. There’s just one toddler, whom the husband drops off. It’s just me, my hostility toward the 5:something a.m. alarm and my blowdryer regime that are to blame. But by the time I’ve made it to town and parked in the furthest possible (and only available) parking lot, I’m thinking, “hey! great! I needed this exercise anyway!” (Now, try me when it’s 27 degrees or when I’m the one on three hours of sleep. Yikes.)

  12. Caffeinated soap – please sign me up. I could really feel the beat and rhythm of the morning rush through your post. I can’t believe we go through it every morning.

  13. Another Cheerio Haiku

    Little donut seeds
    tastiest breakfast ever
    yummy and healthy.

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