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October 5, 2010 at 3:49 pm | Posted in Lollipop | 10 Comments
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“Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order.” — Samuel Beckett


Do your children still take to the dance floor, even when it’s empty? Do you? And who busts the best moves in your house?



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  1. Mr3 will take to a dance floor anywhere, anytime, even if the only dance floor is in his head. He loves it. The best moves in our house are his, taught to him by his imaginary friend Alla Hoo Hoo. You can imagine…

  2. I love the pictures. Spinning was my favorite move when I was little.

  3. Yesterday, my daughter was out dancing in the backyard!

  4. Oh yes. I’m quite embarrassing to have as a friend. You should see me in a gay bar on an empty dance floor. I have the ability to make the men teetering on the cusp of homosexuality jump in with passion!

  5. We have Wii Just Dance. When Andrew was going through his first few rounds of chemo and in lots of pain, he still he wanted to dance to “Move it, move it.” We knew it was a real bad day if he didn’t dance. Okay that made me tear up just writing that. Dancing is awesome.

  6. My youngest is the dancer. If he hears music he simply can’t help but move. I find it so incredibly cute. And I’m grateful that at least one of our boys has the jitterbug, because their father decidely does NOT.

  7. Absolutely! I think my 17-month old has the best moves. Very hip-wiggle oriented. His signature move is drumming on his (considerable) tummy.

  8. Dancing is big around here. Priceless photos! Love the beautiful blur!

  9. I’m definitely the dancer in my family. I have no qualms about dancing by myself (in fact I prefer it) and starting the night on the floor by myself. Sadly, My Guy has the white guy syndrome and is the exact opposite of me. For now, it remains to be seen who Little Miss will take after.

    (pick me pick me pick me!)

  10. My daughter is the dancer in our family. She will randomly jiggle, smile and tap her feet. So much exuberance, my husband and I are usually tempted to join in. Then it becomes family hug time!

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