Two’s a Crowd

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How do you fit two kids, one baby, oodles of toys, and the occasional house guests into three bedrooms? The toys and the baby each get their own room. The house guests are assigned a room on a case-by-case basis. And the two older kids share a room, of course.

Of course.

Then we had a dress rehearsal. When my in-laws visited recently, they slept in Lollipop’s room. Lollipop graduated to the top bunk in Giggles’s room, while he slept in his crib. (I’m still holding out on moving him to the “big-boy” lower bunk because, well, because I’m the mom and I said so!)

That weekend, we ran them ragged. Birthday parties, playgrounds, a trip to an amusement park, abbreviated naps, late bedtimes — they should have been exhausted. They should have become flannel-jammied slugs as soon as their sweaty cheeks hit the pillow.

Instead, they talked. For hours. Through the monitor, I heard such gems as “Don’t eat your dinosaur!” And “Your sock hit the fan!” And “Giggles, Giggles, can you hear me?? Wake up! Wake uuuuuuppppppp!”

At one point, I went in to see if Giggles needed a clean diaper, which can keep him awake. “Giggles, do you have poop?” I asked him. To which he replied: “I spy something green!”

Thank goodness it was his blanket. And not poop.

We sighed. We scolded. We threatened. We tried to cut them some slack since we were the ones who had thrown a hitch into the giddyup of their normal routine. But at some point they had jettisoned rational conversation for a game of I Spy. In the dark. I knew we were sunk.

Finally, we had to let them work it out for themselves, and eventually, they did sleep. Until the first hint of daybreak … “Giggles, I spy something sunshine-y!”

I spy something, too. Separate rooms.

Do your children share rooms? How??



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  1. My boys have shared a room for 5 years, right before Little Sister entered the family. They have had their beds bunked and on the ground, depending on the mood. Right now, they’re on the floor because my eldest was sad that he couldn’t cuddle when he was on the top bunk. Awwwww…. 😦 They do talk late, SOMEtimes, but mostly, it is great because it cuts down on book reading time! YES. I totally cop out and read 1 1/2 chapters of ONE book for them instead of 2 chapters in 2 different books.

    Your kids just aren’t used to the novelty. It’ll pass. Especially when they have to share actual SPACE together and clean up each other’s messes. That gets old REALLLLLY fast.

  2. Usually my younger two (aged 2 and 3) share, and the eldest (who is 8) has her own room. It works reasonably well, although Mr 3 does tend to keep Miss 2 awake.
    Right now we are in temporary accommodation, and Miss 8 and Mr 3 are in together, with Miss 2 in with us. That’s worse – the older two pump each other up. Tonight we put the boy down early (he was tired) and let Miss 8 stay up a little late until he was well asleep. I think that’s going to be the best solution for us for a while.
    I shared with my sister until we were in our late teens! So it can work, although neither of us was very keen on it. There was just no other option. Likewise in our house: 3 bedrooms and 5 people, someone’s always going to have to share. House guests have to stay at a B&B nearby :-S

  3. My girls share a room, and it has not gone very well, as I have chronicled. Right now, with earlier rising times (for school) and earlier nights, it’s starting to smooth out a little. There are still threatened meltdowns, probably at least once a week. (That would be ME melting down.) Soon they will both be in real big-girl beds (Kate is still in a toddler bed), and I’m hoping that helps a little, too. But they love sharing a room, so we’re all going to have to ride it out. I’m not sure where GUESTS are going to go once Bud comes along.

  4. I don’t have tons of regrets about the way I parented. Well, that’s a lie. I have lots of regrets, but giant ones? Only a couple. And one can be summed up like this: RELAX!

    I tried to get my kids to sleep well above all else, and these days I look back at a few slumber parties that I sort of…well… missed because of sleep worries. I’m so embarrassed about this.

    But there it is.

  5. We had 2 rooms and 3 girls growing up. My mom instituted a 6-month rotation where every girl got her own room for 6 months and shared a room for 12 months. It was … interesting.

    I haven’t had to put my two in the same room. I don’t think it would work anyway, with a toddler and an almost-tween. However, I do think it’s novelty at first. I shared a room with my older sister from birth, so I don’t remember any novelty at all.

  6. I don’t have children who share a room. But I shared a room with my sister until I was in 7th grade. Not only did we share a room, we shared a queen sized waterbed. My folks wanted to test one out but weren’t sure they wanted to get one. So they got one for our bedroom. Considering we could fight like cats and dogs it is strange that we were able to sleep in one bed that many years. We were that short range of years apart that put us to far apart to be friends but to close together for my sister to look up to me or me to feel protective of her. But at bed time the fights and arguements stopped and we got well enough to sleep. And yes, we had little games to play at bedtime. Not I-spy. 20-Questions and other little things to keep busy minds occupied when we really didn’t want to go to bed yet. At one point we tried alternating weeks in the spare room. Neither one of us wanted to give up the waterbed. It didn’t work out. When my folks built the new house, the summer between 7th and 8th grades, they decided it was time for me to have my own room. They had to get another waterbed because it was the only way they could get my sister into her own room.

  7. I love conversations between kids – it must be funny to listen to them over the monitor. OK, maybe not so funny when you’re trying to get them to sleep.

    Obviously, I don’t have any advice on this. Sorry lady. Just here to… um… take notes 🙂

  8. We actually turned our porch into a room for Col because the sharing wasn’t working. But that was when Rose was a baby and not sleeping through the night and everyone was waking everyone up and I did not have a relaxed attitude.

    They sleep together on vacations or when they sleep at their grandparents (3 times now!) and mostly go right to sleep.

    I would say 1) yay for their friendship! and 2) if you want them to sleep in the same room, they’ll get over the excitement of it pretty quick.

  9. The Tsunamis shared a room while we were on hols recently and it was party-central every night for three nights and then they were so exhausted that they just talked for a little bit and fell straight to sleep.

    I shared a room with Sister C for 15 years and we used to talk every single night for ages. I think that was partly the reason why we still had an 7.30pm bedtime at the age of 12 and 13… x

  10. Oh how I just laughed. We have always planned for the boys to share a room, but now you make me question that choice. But seriously, growing up I shared a room with my sister. Perhaps it wasn’t always roses then, but looking back I know how much it meant to me to have her there with me always.

  11. I like the idea of the bonding that happens when a room is shared by siblings, but the lack of sleep and privacy prevents me from allowing it to happen. We don’t often have house guests, so our three kids each have their own room, although Gabe’s room is by far the smallest. The boys did share Elijah’s room for a week last year while we were painting and redecorating Gabe’s, and it was okay, but Elijah hated the idea of Gabe being able to go through his stuff.

    Good luck…

  12. I hated sharing a room with my sister. She NEVER shut up and all I wanted was to sleep, already!

  13. cute! I love that “I spy something sunshine-y.” aw. We keep trying but they still talk. Even at 5 and 6. I think by the time they can actually share a room and sleep, they will want their own rooms. ugh. 🙂

  14. Our boys (17 months and 3 and both still in cribs) share a room and have ever since the baby started sleeping through the night. There are certainly hair-raising moments – like when the 3 year old insists on shouting “To infinity and beyond!” a good 45 minutes after we’ve turned off the lights, or when the baby wakes up way earlier than his big brother – but in general it’s worked well. We’ll be converting my husband’s office into a nursery for Baby #3 and will have to see who will share a room with whom in the long run. I’m also nervous about what will happen when Big Boy is relocated from his crib to a bed and is thereby free to roam the room. What will be in store for Tiny Baby then?

  15. My daughter is an only child and has a room to herself, but usually insists on sharing a room with either Mom & Dad or Grandma.

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