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All the time, people ask me what it’s like to have three children. And I usually stutter and stumble until I come up with some super-eloquent words like, “It’s pretty tough!” Or “We’re starting to figure it out!”

And then someone has a booger. Or has mysteriously lost a sock. Or needs to fish a prized acorn out of my pocket.Β And that’s the end of that.

Raising Three Kids: Some days you're on the run; some days you fall on your face; some days you're not even in the picture.

So I decided to take some fleeting quiet moments to ponder that question … What is it like with three kids?

And then I realized that I’ve actually already answered it. A dozen times. On Facebook.

Raising three kids goes a little something like this (and generally all at the same time):

Stacia is gorging on cookie dough. The kids made her do it.

Stacia thinks the Bumbo might just be the greatest invention ever. That, and the spork.

Stacia has banished the coughing husband and the barking dog to the back porch. Don’t they know it’s nap time?!

Three kids, two nurses, five shots, two mists, one puke, and a thousand tears. Mommy needs a drink.

Stacia got the baby settled back down at 5:53. Giggles woke up at 5:54. Curses!

No. More. Paternity. Leave. Waaaahhhhh!

Stacia got baby puke on her party clothes. Wear ’em anyway?

Stacia took the kids out for a dinner of processed carbs. Don’t judge.

You know it’s a rough day when the baby wants to watch TV … and you let him.

Stacia thinks somebody must have slipped an upper into the Cheerios this morning.

Stacia is trapped in the house with three kids, two dogs, a crazy cat, and no chocolate. Oy.

Stacia is going back to sleep until she can no longer ignore the thunder of children’s feet.

Only one child out of three is crying. That’s good, right??

Stacia showered before noon. That’s productivity for you.

Stacia has wiped three bottoms in the last three hours, none of them hers. Oh, the glamour of motherhood!

Do you find yourself tongue-tied when people ask you parenting questions? What’s your best (worst?) parenting status update? And is social media your one true connection to the non-potty-training world, too?



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  1. I am always tongue-tied when I am asked parenting questions, and it seems like it’s the same question that gets me every time!!

  2. You are so funny, Stacia. And brave. And busy. And wow…three kids.

  3. What a great idea to summarize our FB status updates!! I tend to like writing quotes of my son. I tend to get a bit tongue tied when people ask me when our “next one” is coming, since we are not having a next one. I’ve found that the easiest, though not the fairest, way to respond to that is to point to my husband (“My husband doesn’t want any more children.”). Anyway, 3 kids is amazing and, judging from your posts, you are having fun too πŸ™‚

  4. I’m pretty private on facebook regarding statuses. I don’t do many. But I love reading everyone else’s!

  5. Stacia is a wonderful Mommy – I think you missed that one. Oh and
    Just five years to go and they will ALL be in school – ALL day πŸ™‚

    Great post.

  6. A good friend had her second and third just a year apart. She said that someone was crying pretty much all the time. But, somehow she’s gotten over that enough to be pregnant again! Two is still pretty much kicking my a**.

  7. Maxabella can’t come to the phone right now, she is quietly slashing her wrists in the bathroom. x

  8. I think my craziest status lately was: “So my 3 year old just decided to follow the dog outside, drop her panties and pee on the patio just like the dog. Nice. I must admit that after the fact, it is quite funny and I had a hard time not laughing as I was scolding her.”
    With my three girls, summer is always nuts. Thankfully, with the older two in school all day, my fall/winter/spring is a little easier! Hang in there!

  9. That about sums it up. ; )

  10. Great post, what a great record of motherhood!!

    My latest was…

    can cook harrissa soup and lasagne and moroccan couscous and other delights, but when it comes to steaming broccoli for a baby it seems to be an issue. Burnt water taste up my nose and in my mouth and down the back of my throat! Broccolli ruined! Not even the rabbits are going to want to eat this.


  11. This post is almost enough to make me join Facebook. But once Baby #3 is born, it doesn’t sound like I’ll have the time for it anyway. πŸ™‚

  12. I must say I enjoy all of your statuses, but with each one, I increasingly find myself trying to muffle the voices in my head that even dare to hint at having more than two kids. You are a brave woman πŸ™‚

    p.s. When you get the chance, I “left something” for you on my blog today…

  13. I love your status updates. You’re rocking the three under five world and you’ll realize it when you have a chance to sit down, in like 2 more years.

  14. Yes. I feel like an idiot when people ask me how I’m holding up since we became a three kid household. I grin in some goofy way and mutter something about how he’s much easier than the first two were. And that’s true. But I also wonder if it’s just that the five and half years I’ve spent at home with the other two have just made me basically unable to articulate/analyze/be surprised by much of anything.
    My statuses this week have centered around my failures getting my kids off to school properly dressed/fed/groomed. I always wonder how my life reads to those people out in “the real world” I live vicariously through on FB.
    P.S. Tell me: Why are we not “friends” yet?? πŸ™‚

  15. I remember many of these! I love reading, though beyond that I’m not much of a player when it comes to social networking – I exist there only in pictures and in the occasional response to posts like yours. Ask me in person, though, and you’ll get an earful!

  16. Love the listing of facebook statuses to represent your motherhood. I am not a facebooker when it comes to parenting statuses, but enjoy reading how other mothers are faring with their little ones.

  17. Your FB posts cracked me up!

  18. Awesome!! I haven’t showered yet today. Only one out of three kids crying IS good. No chocolate constitues an emergency. And I just had a vision of the baby propped in the bumbo watching TV, drool running down a dirty chin. Not judging, just giggling because we’ve all been there in some form or other. πŸ™‚

    It makes a really cool pic to tie all your FB statuses together like that. Our lives as mothers are far more interesting than we are ever given credit for!!

  19. Tardy to the party on this post, but I love FB. Love your status updates. Love feeling encouraged, entertained, inspired, and understood by all the moms amongst my facebook friends. I so wish I had been on facebook when my first born was a baby. I would have been far less lonely and befuddled.

  20. I think I would love to hear a chat about motherhood between you and my friend with 4 daughters and 3 cats and a military husband.

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